Friday 7 March 2014

Block a Week Friday

Block 34 Allsorts

This block was fun to make and I love the stripy pattern.  The downside to stripes of course are all the ends, you carry the main colour up the side but the others have to be cut so 13 ends in all! I also felt that this square would look odd on it's own and so....

I made four and joined them together to make one big square, it took me ages, all them blinkin ends !!  I don't like the joins in knitting they are never as neat as in crochet or at least I can't get them as neat maybe you can...??

Rating - Easy
Curl - 0
size - 6"
ends - 13 for one 52 for four squares!!

Another example of block 34

By appledumpling Loving Hands

Progress -  number of different blocks made = 12

Numbers -17, 24, 30,34, 4041, 42, 45, 5256 98113,
(Click on the number to see the block.)

Number of blocks altogether = 17

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Have a great weekend!


  1. You're right, joins in crochet look better than joins in knitting. I like the colours you chose and it makes a nice statement piece when you join 4 together.

  2. You and Una are so right....crochet joining is much easier and neater! I would have to pass on this block, I despise weaving in ends row after row.
    Hope you have a lovely weekend!
    xx Shari

  3. Hi Dear Linda, love your block and baby cape. I have been missing you!

  4. Ends are definitely the bane of any form of sewing or yarn craft!! Your squares look great together though, and definitely worth all the effort. xx

  5. They look great, I really like the colors together!

  6. I love the way the dark alternates with brights, they really stand out that way.

  7. Lovely block and I really like your colour choices xx

  8. Yes Linda that is a lot of ends but the effect of the stripes is lovely, well done in sewing all those ends in for this block :-)

  9. Wow! this looks hard, Linda...and you made 4. But you are right about making four, for balance

  10. More lovely blocks Linda, and very nice too - I prefer the colour choices of the first one, but oh all those ends, don't they try out patience - you have done a very neat job with them though, so full marks to you! Hugs, Joy xo


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