Friday, 29 January 2016

Five On Friday

Thank you for all the lovely kind sympathetic comments you left last Friday I was really touched it makes you feel so much better when you receive good wishes like that.  I know you are hoping for good news this week well I'm afraid it's mixed...

On Saturday I was determined to ignore the illnesses and just get on with it, Andy our lovely physiotherapist at work had shown me which exercises I should be doing to strengthen the instep so I will share it with you just in case you have similar problems see number 3 here if you didn't read my last weeks post.
  1. Remove shoes place foot on floor curl up your toes and relax repeat several times.
  2. Get a rolling pin or something similar and roll it over the floor with your foot using the instep
and that's it! I've been tying them and I'm pleased to say my instep is fine now. I'm going to try and remember to follow these two simple exercises often.
Remember the blocked bath drain last week's number 5 well I went out and got some of that stuff you put down the drain but before I used it I decided to try and clear the blockage myself I have done it before and I have a lovely big plunger for such an eventuality.
  1. Make sure area is clear putting plugs away and shower screen right back for easier access.
  2. Ensure you have large tweezers and bags ready to remove any disgusting gunge which may materialise.
  3. Don rubber gloves and wear protective clothing.
  4. Turn hot tap on in sink and cold one in bath and watch with bemused expression ( or any you care to adopt really) while water level begins to rise.
  5. Pace plunger over sink plughole wait a few seconds for hot water to slightly soften rubber (it gives a better seal) before agitating vigorously.
  6. Now repeat over bath plughole, it's fun to push plunger down and then pull right up because thats when disgusting gunge appears which can then be fished out with tweezers and placed in plastic bag.
  7. Repeat number 6 until water drains freely which, when it happens will give you a feeling of great satisfaction and accomplishment. 
  8. Disinfect bath, clear area then TRY TO STRAIGHTEN UP!.
I have put my back out unblocking bath/sink see number 2. So the paracetamol and brufen is still very much in evidence and my treadmill still patiently awaits. 

While I'm still in the bathroom, new shower has been purchased and man is coming to install it on Saturday morning that is if he can manage to loosen rusty screw in old shower box, I hope he can because I'm still not enjoying the bathing experience.

I would love to say that the sinus thing is better but although it's not quite so bad it's still very much in evidence so I have an appointment with the GP next Monday if I'm better by then (I live in hope) I will cancel the appointment. 

I'm sure that you are all very sick about me harping on about my health and so I promise that's it! no more there are folks much worse off than me so I will shut up for now and show you some of the lovely makes my crafting group (NELH) have made during January,

So much work in such a short space of time.  We all meet up at my home once a month and spend a lovely afternoon eating, crafting and chatting about everything under the sun, it quite lifts the spirits and I can highly recommend it :) 

So did I meet my January targets? and I wonder how much stash I have managed to bust this month I can't wait to weigh all my makes to find out, I will let you know on Sunday.

Have a great weekend !

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  1. Good Morning Linda, Oh you really are 'in the wars' aren't you. One problem is sorted and then another arises. Keep your chin up and take care of yourself. I do hope you are feeling better very very soon.
    Best Wishes

  2. Oh Linda, lets hope that once January is out of the way things start to improve. I have to say that January hasn't been the best month for me either for various reasons! Well done on your super makes. I too belong to a crafting group that meets once a month, it definitely lifts the spirits and motivates you doesn't it. xx

  3. Beautiful creations in such a short space of time !
    Have a lazy weekend !

  4. Your knits are so sweet, and I love your blankets too, I've only just mastered left handed crochet after 50 years of trying haha!
    I hope you feel better soon, take care

  5. Oh gosh, what a week you've had! I completely feel your pain regarding drains!

    I suffer from back problems and put my back out at least twice a year (last time it was because I sneezed!) - I really recommend the stick on heat pads, especially if the pain is localised to your lower back and hip area. Hope you feel better soon. Xxx

  6. I wish I had a group of ladies to craft with. Right now I just use the blogging world for support and chatting. I hope you can stop by:


  7. Gosh that is quite a collection of beautiful makes. I'm sorry you have had a mixed week. I can recommend the stick on pads for lower back pain too, they are fabulous. I hope you have a relaxing weekend that goes your way! Take care xx

  8. Sorry to hear some home and health issues are not sorted - two steps forward and one step back, but getting someone instal a new shower and making a provisional appointment with the doctor is good. We can't do that with our GP and have to go and queue up on the day and get an appointment if one is available. I think it must be enjoyable being a member of a craft group. The social interaction does lift the spirits.

  9. I do hope you feel better soon. I so enjoyed seeing all the lovely items you made. Try to rest this weekend and don't work too hard, Pat xx

  10. It sounds as if you have been having difficult times what with one thing and another. It would seem that some problems are sorted though and others being helped along. Hope you get your new shower fitted. Your crafting group have made some lovely things:)

  11. Well your week was certainly eventful. I hope you find good health in the coming week. The crafting group sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon and with excellent and beautiful results.

  12. Wishing everything for you as speedy a recovery as possible. Many many years ago my mother suffered from sinus problems and being very sceptical but at her wits end visited a homeopath who sorted her out, just a thought... sending love x

  13. Glad to hear that things are a little better for you linda.


  14. I discovered how good plungers are recently. There must be some physics behind it. All I know is that they are little miracle-workers.

  15. Well I am pleased to hear that things are at least on the mend for the most part. Hope that your back is better soon and that your shower gets fitted and works well. You are not harping at all! Great makes from the craft group, a talented group! Thank you for joining Five On Friday, happy weekend! xx

  16. Poor you, try I.g to be handy and you end up hurt. What beautiful things you've made.

  17. Beautiful items made by your crafting group! It sounds like you have found some good exercises for the foot. Hope they help. It's hard to be having health issues and to feel good about other things, but we have to try! :-) Hope yours get better!

  18. You and your group have made lovely things:) Glad to know you are feeling positive now. Wish you a productive weekend:)

  19. Those are amazing projects and we never want you to stop talking about your health, it is important to us. I might add, being a therapist myself, you can also use a golf ball or racquetball ball under your foot.

  20. Some lovely creations from your crafting group, well done. And just to say, your luck must change soon, the only way is up now.


  21. Yikes! Your body is giving you a run for your money, isn't it? Enjoy your Sunday - sit down, relax, drink tea and crochet through more of that yarn stash. you deserve the break! XOXO Bronwyn


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