Friday, 1 January 2016

Something Different ?

Happy New year to all you lovely people, I hope that 2016 is the best year ever for you.

I don't make New Year's resolutions for the simple reason I never follow them through, but I do reflect back and think about how I can make the next year better.  That includes my blog and every other aspect of my life.

This past year hasn't been a great one blog wise for the simple reason I haven't had as much time to devote to it because of ill health.  I have also been disillusioned by the number of followers that have decided to stop following, in fact a couple of weeks ago I saw the count go down from 680 to 669  in one day!.  It made me read over my last post very carefully to see if I had said something to offend but there was nothing in that post or any other that I could see would cause offence.  It shouldn't bother me but to be honest it did.

That lead me to remove my followers gadget if people want to follow they can still do so by using bloglovin or by email.

I then had to decide where this blog was going, I started blogging to keep a record of the number of charity makes I had done and when I found that people were interested and actually read what I'd written I expanded the information to include pattern sources and any helpful information.

Then came the stashbusting success, everyone has stash  and usually far too much. Stash busting for Stashaholics was introduced to encourage you all to think carefully before buying yarn and to bust some of the stash in your possession so that it didn't reach mammoth proportions.

So many of you have linked up your stash busting creations to the stash link parties inspiring fellow Stashaholics with idea's of how to use up some of their own stash and remember stash can take on many forms it's not just yarn it can be embroidery floss, material or anything you have in excess to feed your hobby.

The best results by far have been for those who have taken the trouble to weigh in every month so that I can keep a record of how much they have busted throughout the year. Look at these totals...

2013..... 11604 grams
2014.....11818 grams
2015.....11851 grams 
That = 552.73 balls/skeins of yarn! 

Pat A
2013... 33650
That = 1277.18 balls/skeins of yarn!!

I think that is amazing, my totals are no where near that, but by weighing in you can see how much you have used and don't feel too guilty about buying more because you know that it will be used eventually. You can see more totals here.

The beauty about knitting/crocheting/sewing for charity is that usually you can make whatever your heart desires because a home can almost always invariably be found for your makes, so it goes arm in arm with stashbusting you need a fair amount of stash to keep up with your workload.

I have been asked  by many of you and some of the ladies from Loving Hands to continue with the stash-busting theme and I'm happy to do that by providing stashbusting idea's and keeping a record of your monthly stash-busting totals if you would like me too.

As for the stash link party I'm undecided, I think rather than have a monthly party it may turn into a weekly one called Stashbusting Sunday, I'm still toying with the idea please tell me what you think.

So really this post is to determine how much interest there is and find out who would like to join me for another year of stash busting....

this years stash-busters so far...

Barbara P
Pat A

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  1. I would certainly like to continue with the stash busting. I can't always comment or finish something even by the end of a month but you have certainly made me control more my addictive purchase of yarn and try to reduce my stash!

    keep well

    Amanda xx

  2. Arrgh, I commented but then my internet blew away in the wind. I think there was a bldgger hitch a few weeks back regarding the drop in followers. I have not the heart to bust my stash! I do keep chugging away at it, but I'm a glutton for buying more! I cannot resist! Happy New Year X

  3. I havn'T been on your stash busting journey but still follow you.You are upset at only having 680 followers.I only have 85.fFollowme and boost my numbers,please

  4. Happy New Year Linda. I'm sorry you took down your follower gadget. A few weeks ago I lost 16 followers overnite. I read another that said she lost 5 overnite. I think its a blog thing. I really don't think the followers actually left on there own.

    Happy New Year,

  5. Don't be too downhearted about follower figures. It does seem inexplicable and not caused by anything you have done! I usually unfollow any blogs that haven't been updated for over 12 months and I was slightly miffed when I lost ONE follower recently. It's a funny old world.

  6. I hope that you will continue with the blogging, I never thought of including other things in the stash busting, and as I am hoping to bust a few things this year perhaps I will try and join in. As for the followers thing, you didn't do anything wrong at all. Lots of people were affected in a couple of day period, I heard that it was something to do with blogger getting rid of old accounts, so don't feel bad, it happened to me too and many others that I saw remarking on it. I hope that you will be fit and well this year and that 2016 will be a good one! Happy New Year! xx

  7. I'm still at the stage of feeling delighted that a few people read my blog, and some leave a nice comment (bless you Una and Linda!). I am pleased with the total stash I busted last year, and am really pleased that you are carrying on again this year. Not that the 2 kilo delivery from Kemps yesterday had anything to do with it!

  8. I only found you recently I followed by clicking on add on my blog list and typing you in. I would love to see the stash busting but have no idea how to ink to another blog. I have pulled all my small balls of yarn from stash and started a star garland. My follower numbers fluctuate but I do not bother about it.

  9. It is so funny as I could not even imagine having that many followers, I am a tiny blog so that would be mind boggling to me. I would love to keep joining in the stash busting party when I can.

  10. Hello and happy new year Linda. The losing followers was a blogger glitch. I too lost followers like 8 of them and felt so bad because I thought it was me!!! I asked around and found out that blogger is dropping followers on GFC who do not have a google account! I enjoy your link party and thanks for that. Wishing you a happy and healthy new year.

  11. Happy New Year Linda, I lost as few followers too and thought it was because I haven't blogged much lately because of carpal tunnel operations on my wrists over the last few months! I am back in the swing of things and would love to stash bust, sigh I have so much stash!!!!

  12. Don't be down hearted my dear, I lost a few too not so long ago perhaps I bore people!!! :)I am attempting a stash bust of my own. Inspired by me writing my projects that I need to finish & start down & realising I don't need to by any yarn etc to complete them. All the best for 2016 xx

  13. I think everybody was hit by that blogger bug of losing followers, I lost 11 in a day.
    May be, you can try fortnightly link party. One per week might increase your workload.

  14. Happy New Year Linda. I thought it was just me, but it's comforting to know that losing a huge number of followers overnight was not personal but has happened to others. I prefer Bloglovin' for following blogs, I find Blogger not very user friendly.
    I've only joined in with the stash busting party a few times so far, but I think it's a great idea and I will try to remember to join in on a regular basis. Keep up the good work.

  15. Happy New Year. I have just discovered your blog and love it. The stash busting party sounds a great idea and something that I should definitely join in with, I have far too much stash taking up valuable space. xx

  16. As in all walks of life Linda, friends (and followers) come and go! It is not about quantity - what is important is quality. You have many loyal supporters (including me) who love to see what you are up to, and enjoy your blog. Sometimes we are so busy and in such a rush that we don't take the time to comment as we should. Perhaps that should be my resolution for the year ahead - to appreciate more other crafters whose work I admire. Happy New Year my friend. Don't let a few people who slip away burst your bubble! x

  17. I have only found your stashbusting link party fairly recently, so do hope you will continue with it, or a weekly link. So even if you are losing a few, you are gaining new followers like me.

  18. Good Afternoon Linda, Oh I'm sorry that you were sad about the loss of followers, but let me tell you, it happened to me as well. I thought the same, maybe the bloggers had moved on to pastures new because there are so many of us bloggers around, that a reader is spoilt for choice. It felt like a friend leaving without saying goodbye. So I was pleased to hear it was a blogger glitch.... but we could have been warned that this might happen, afterall it's only manners, as Ivy would have said.
    I have to tell you, I have picked up my crochet hook, and I am loving it. I am no where near as expert as you Linda, but the important thing is I am enjoying crocheting again.... I just need to find some more wool as I've used up my remnants. I used to have loads of oddments of wool, but I donated them to a charity shop... never mind, I'm on the look out for more.
    Happy New Year to you.
    Best wishes

  19. Happy New Year, dear Linda! Sorry to read about that follower thing. I was effected, too, and just today I accidentally found this post in the overview of my dashboard:
    Maybe this explains it! I will also write a blogspot about that.
    Hugs, Nata


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