Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Yarn Along

I am trying very hard to finish off some of my wips before I start anything new which I have to say is absolutely killing me.  It's so hard to ignore these urges to begin something new especially when you have new yarn

These beauties just jumped right into my basket when I was shopping in Aldi today, I only went in for bread! 
One of the wips I am determined to finish are these socks which I began so long ago I can't even remember.....

I have half finished the other sock too so I'm well on the way.  I have discovered I really love making socks but I'm very slow, these were supposed to be for a friends birthday which is tomorrow, clearly that's not going to happen and so I'm going to try and make a pair a month in 2016 then I'll have lots to gift at the end of the year.

I borrowed this book from the library...

I don't usually buy knitting/crochet books so I was thrilled to borrow this, it's a great book there are lots of lovely easy children's things in there which I'm thinking will be great for charity knits.  In fact I like the book so much I may buy a copy for myself after all you can only borrow the book for so long and it may not be available if I need it again. 

I'm joining in with Ginny's yarn along

before I go...

Amanda from Crafty in the Med is having a great giveaway! Why don't you check it out. 

Wishing you all the very best for 2016! 

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  1. New yarn is always exciting isn't it! xx

  2. so the Yarn fairy has been slinging things into your basket again Linda ....she does get rather energetic at this time of the year. It can't be helped though and one has to put up with these things!!! I just know how you feel I am making myself something now and in my mind it is finished and I am ready to start my next make....trouble is my head hasn't communicated this very well with my hands and they are running behind time 30 inches behind time tch!!!
    Keep well and a very happy New Year
    Amanda xx

  3. forgot to mention I have just posted my giveaway should you like to participate!!!

    amanda x

  4. I'm the worst WIP offender ever!!!! New yarn is just addictive!

  5. I have just discovered your blog and am loving it. I am glad I am not the only person itching to start something new. I am a serial starter and have far too many unfinished projects but really must finish my corner to corner throw before I break open some more yarn. xx

  6. I must admit that I've been looking at the Aldi yarn as well, so far I've managed to resist. The socks are nearly there, I'm sure you'll have them finished soon. I'm looking forward to seeing all your projects in 2016. Happy New Year to you.

  7. Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

  8. New yarn is so enticing!
    Hugs to you Linda and Happy New Year!

  9. Happy new year and happy new yarn, Linda!!:)

  10. I love the colour of the yarn you are using for your socks. I love planning the next project!

  11. Can't believe it happened to you too , the same pink and grey wool jumped in my basket too and some of the brighter pink and grey not only that but some pink too , like your blue

  12. I think it yours was grey but couldn't get my post to delete or type for some reason . Just finished 2 of your bubble baby blankets , see you soon x


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