Monday 14 December 2015

Just Jumping off the Wheel for a second!

This is me...

at least that's how it feels right now do you feel it too?? no don't tell me all your Christmas shopping is done and presents wrapped and sorted into neat piles and labelled. Your home is clean and tidy and even newly decorated, Christmas tree is up and all decorations beautifully displayed.  You have finished all your Christmas makes, the food shopping apart from the fresh stuff is all bought and put away.  You have your Christmas menu finely tuned and now you can now just sit back relax and let it all happen.
What about me? well no none of the above apply BUT! I have a finish she proudly presents.......

Spice of life blanket is finally done, the pictures are dark I waited so long to try and get brighter lighting but it's not going to happen. 

Although I did start with the Spice of life pattern I did change a few pattern repeats for the second half of the blanket

I loved this CAL and the making of this blanket, my biggest problem is I over extend myself instead of following one CAL at a time I follow them all, get myself in a muddle and nothing gets finished for a long time but I do get there in the end just well behind everyone else.

It measures six feet four inches by four feet 6 inches
It used 1324 grams of Aran stash yarn
I used a 5.50 mm hook
The Spice of Life CAL was hosted by Sandra at Cherry Heart
You can find all parts of the Spice of Life CAL here

To be gifted to a family member not saying who just in case she peeks. :)

So what next ? I must finish the Moogly blanket and I'm really trying hard to finish a pair of man socks (it may not happen if it doesn't he can have them for his birthday in February instead) 
and then? I will make a start on the Christmas shopping wrapping.. in fact all of the above wish me luck! 
Hope you all have a peaceful stress free week. :)

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  1. I am in the same situation as you Linda and you are not alone!! That is a gorgeous blanket and it's going to make a lovely gift for someone. Enjoy the week.

  2. Your blanket is just beautiful, Linda! You did a great job with it. You should be very proud. Don't worry about the holiday prep, you have plenty of time for all of that. You will be just fine. :)

  3. Congrats on the gorgeous finish.


  4. "No" to every question in your first paragraph! Our kitchen is being gutted and redone and won't be ready for Christmas. That saves me having to cook! The rest of the house is full of things that are usually in the kitchen, so any guests that want to visit are being taken to a restaurant instead. It will be a strange Christmas this year.

  5. By the way, I meant to say your blanket is lovely.

  6. This looks SO pretty!

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  7. Your blanket is beautiful! I hope that you can step off the wheel and you will feel much better again for it. Take care of yourself. Happy Christmas! xx

  8. WOW! your blanket is amazing and SO big.
    I hope to catch up soon with all of your posts :-)
    I have been away a bit because of work
    Ana BC

  9. Beautiful blanket!! And trust me, you're not the only one who's not ready for Christmas yet!! I've got only one present and not a clue what to buy/make for the others... help!
    Have a nice day,

  10. Hi Linda, Your blanket is gorgeous and colorful :) Great job!!

  11. Wow that's gorgeous. I wish I could crochet!

  12. I see you are well prepared for Christmas !!!
    Your blanket is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a great day !

  13. I'm not surprised your home is a little un-festive-like! Your Spice of Life blanket is a vision splendid. The myriad colours and patterns are amazing. Now, wouldn't that be a wonderful present to open on Christmas morning. Enough crocheting, there's Christmas to attend to. =)

  14. I love your finished blanket! So pretty! I enjoyed making one similar to this with many different stitches. This is such a generous gift! Whoever gets it will be so happy. Hope you can slow down a little, get off that wheel, and enjoy the rest of the holiday season. Always enjoy catching up with what you've been up to.

  15. A finished blanket that wonderful is far more important than all the Christmas stuff. And by the way I have finished shopping, but not even started wrapping.

  16. Linda your blanket is beautiful, so many fabulous colours and textures - what a lovely gift...hope your preparations go smoothly, when you are able to start!
    Ali x

  17. I know how you feel. I had sort of established a routine where I thought I was reasonably on top of things, but then Christmas came along and upset everything. I'm past caring now. Just want to relax and enjoy it. Your blanket is beautiful and I think you're doing a great job. Janet x


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