Wednesday 19 February 2014

The Luana Shawl

Remember the Gentle Ripple. well I can honestly say I loved making that, it was fun to make and it grew very quickly.  I couldn't wait to make another shawl...

Not a ripple this time but with a stitch I have loved and admired for a while now, the Harlequin stitch or Catherine's wheel, or large wheel, whatever you would like to call it.

Luckily I had just the right blend of colours in my stash, cream, terracotta and biscuit.

I had never tried this stitch before so it was something completely new to me and luckily I found it very easy, perhaps the only place where I needed to think was the end of rows, I had to keep a check on them and I did make a few mistakes before I got the hang of it.

I loved the way it was working up and the colour combination.  However after a couple of days I sat back and took stock and realised that although I seemed to have done a lot of work on this shawl it wasn't growing very much.

It was only then that I realised that you need two rows to form the circle meaning it's only growing every two rows so of course it takes double the time!

As you can see I did get there in the end but it took me far longer than I would have liked.


I think it was worth it but I won't be making another one like this any time soon because I'm very impatient and like to see results very quickly. I do love the stitch and I will use it again but for smaller projects.

If you would like to make one......

You can find the stitch how to here
My shawl measures 120cms x 49cms
Yarn used, Dk 311 grams

Are you wondering about the name the Luana Shawl, well at first it was going to be boring Harlequin stitch shawl and I felt it deserved something better than that, so ok how about the Catherine's Wheel Shawl....I goggled it and as I thought there are quite a few of those, so I felt a little psychology was in order, I gazed at my shawl to see what kind of feelings it evoked,  I then went in search of a name that encompassed those feelings and so The Luana Shawl was born.  

The Meaning of the name Luana.....content, happy, I'm hoping those feeling will be conveyed to the person who gradually gets to wear it.

This shawl will eventually be accompanying the gentle ripple and will be sent to SIBOL 
I am enjoying the shawl making process because it's something I haven't done much of before, I'm thinking a triangular one next and I do have a pattern in mind but first there is a little cape that needs my attention :)

See you all on Friday

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  1. Good Morning Linda, Firstly, I have to tell you I loved the joke about the blonde, the car and the garage..... the punchline made me laugh..... even at 9 o'clock in the morning.
    You have chosen the perfect name for your shawl... Luana because whoever receives it will be content and happy when they wear it to keep themselves warm. Even the name of the stitch.... Harlequin is lovely. All in all one very beautiful shawl.
    Best Wishes

    1. Good morning Daphne and thank you for your lovely comments. :)

  2. OOh Linda - thats a petty shawl and a great pattern - thanks for the info about the steady growing though!
    You are so fab at inspirational ideas - and advice...keep up the great work! Loving your word explanations too!
    Ali x

  3. Your Luana shawl is lovely, Linda. The Catherine Wheel stitch is so pretty, but you're right it does seem to take a long time to work up. Worth the wait though :) The name and how you chose it is lovely too. Have a great day! xx

  4. Love your use of colours, it looks fantastic!

  5. Well it is absolutely beautiful. I love it. But, if it grows slowly it's not for me. Miss impatient pants!!! I think it would make a lovely stich fir washcloths x

  6. Love the colors! great work

  7. A work of art as usual! The colours are perfect. I just looked at the video tutorial and can see that it would be slow to make, but probably still faster than knitting.

  8. Me encanta como te ha quedado!!!!

  9. It's very pretty Linda. I like the stitch pattern and the colors you chose. :)

  10. Lovely! The colors combination are so pretty!
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  11. I love your colour combination for the Luana Shawl and a lovely name, thanks for letting us know how you chose it. This is such a pretty stitch too, thanks for sharing :-)

  12. Those colors are so great together! Love the Catherine's Wheel stitch too, but it is a yarn-eater and takes some patience. Absolutely love the shawl. Someone will be very happy and comfy! I'm on the last round row of the cape. It's slow because of all those dang picots. I tried the beads with it and decided against it last night. See ya!

  13. It's beautiful :-) I love the colors. I've never tried that stitch before, but the stitches for the Wool Eater have the same concept: two rows to equal one. I know it will be loved and appreciated.

  14. This is so pretty Linda. I have never made a shawl before and don't know why, they are all so lovely!
    xx Shari

  15. It looks so lovely with this stitch too, Linda. Love these 3 colors together. Beautiful match!
    Ana BC

  16. It's beautiful, Linda! I've been wanting to try the Catherine wheel stitch too, maybe soon. I'm glad to know it wasn't too complicated.

  17. As usual Linda your work is superb, and your colours are lovely.
    Take care
    Sally xxx

  18. I like the way that you have used this stitch, I haven't seen it done like this before! More yarn gone too!! xx

  19. What a beautiful shawl Linda! The pattern suits a shawl very well and will be quite striking when worn. Love the name you've chosen for it ... I hope you print that on a tag for the recipient, it might help make them content too just wearing it and thinking of the lovely lady who made it. I'm impatient with getting results too, and perhaps that's why I lean towards smaller projects (you should see my pile of knitted coasters!!). Have a great day Linda! Wendy x

  20. You amaze me with the speed you complete projects, this one is gorgeous. I love the stitch and the color combination, you have done a wonderful job for a worthy cause.

  21. Beautiful stitch. I love the colors and pattern of your shawl.

  22. That is a beautiful stitch, well done!

  23. Your shawl is really lovely Linda. Nice stitch choice and the colours are great.
    Certainly worth the effort. :)

  24. That's so pretty, Linda! Looks great with these colors ♥. It's really worth all the work, but I can understand that you will do this pattern again only for smaller projects ;-). I made a small piece some time ago, just for laying it over the sofa's armrest, and I thought the same: Easy but lengthy. So it's great that you have finished your wonderful shawl now, enjoy!! Have a nice weekend :-)

  25. This is beautiful art! Congratualations!

  26. Love the colors! It is beautiful!

  27. I love the Katherines Wheel stitch...I have one I have started almost just like yours!


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