Saturday 11 May 2013

Something For the Weekend

Baby Hats 4

When I see a new pattern for baby hats I tend to jump in there with both feet because I know that this is a job for....'the small stash of little bits' and so when Julia asked us to try out her pattern I was more than happy to oblige.

 These are made with Dk wool and a 4.5 mm hook and have turned out the same size as stated in the pattern. The last round is dc (sc) on the one above.

I made this one using Aran weight yarn and a 5 mm hook.  I started with 13 trebles and worked less rounds to get the same size as the pattern.  I would have made a bigger hat but I only had a small amount of yarn, the last round is dc (sc)

My verdict on the pattern.. it's very easy and straight forward and these hats can be made very quickly, in fact they are quite addictive!  I had to stop myself from making more because I do need to do some work on the projects I flung to one side in my eagerness to try this pattern.  It will be revisited very soon because I want to make some with little girl colours.

To change the hat size just increase or decrease the beginning trebles, you must have an uneven number for the pattern to work

Thank you Julia for the pattern you can find it here

The Dk hats took 27 grams
The Aran hat took 33 grams

I will be showing you my new book next and something cute from the Baby stash.

Have a great weekend!


  1. These look lovely and warm. I will save the pattern for when I have more time. Thanks.

  2. I really like the texture that pattern creates. Really lovely. Thanks for popping over to Chalkys ... Glad I am not the only one witha thing about cheese and pickle sandwiches xx

  3. Nice hats, Linda! the pattern looks different in single and double colors. I liked both of them:)

  4. Very cute hats, love the stitch pattern.

  5. Cute hats! The little pompoms are adorable xx

  6. I didn't know you were working on a book!!!!! I missed that but I am so excited for you...can't wait to see it! As always, love those hats!
    xx, Shari

    1. No Shari, it's just a book I was given as a gift. :)

  7. They're nice little hats - very cute. :)

  8. Those hats are very sweet, Linda :)

  9. These hats are so lovely, Linda! Cpngrats to Julia for such a great little pattern...

  10. These hats are all so cute Linda! They would look just as nice as little tea cozies too ;) Wendy

  11. This is a nice pattern, I like it and might try making it.

  12. Brilliant Linda I'm going to pop over and have a peek at Julia's blog and pattern. The hats look great and if they are also quick to make then better still... perfect for pressies!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  13. Linda, these are great - the texture looks all squishy and soft
    Cant wait to hear about the book and baby stash items and who mentioned cheese and pickle sandwiches ????? dare I say piccalilli ?????? mmmmm xxx

  14. Oh the blue! Equally as good as red! These are so well made Linda.

  15. Hello Linda, your baby hats are very pretty and I really like the colors allot.. Hugs Judy


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