Thursday, 24 January 2013

Anita's 3 Hour Scarf

Anita is a member of Loving hands and has kindly given me permission to show you her scarf.

It's a perfect stash buster as it was made with two strands of Dk wool a huge 10 mm hook and it's very easy to make.
This is how she made it.


10 mm Hook 
Two strands of Dk or use Aran or chunky
Chain 12, dc/sc in 2nd ch from hook to last space 2dc/sc
No chain turn dc/sc into v of last row then into each st to last st 2dc/sc.
Repeat last row until it's as long as you would like it.
Anita's scarf has turned out 4 inches wide and 66 inches long.  10 cm X 168 cm

Anita says they are addictive to make because they are so quick and easy here are two more she has done.

Change the yarn thickness to get different sizes. 

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Thank you Anita for letting me show this xx

Read more about the stash-buster challenge here and just leave a comment if you would like to join us.


  1. Very cute and fashionable.. I like it.. Make it..:))
    Best wishes...

  2. Just wonderful !!!!
    Loved it.

  3. Supermooi!!1

  4. ....just what I need for a v chunky ball in my stash....and I got a pretty fuschia pink 10mm hook for Christmas!
    Thank you!
    Ali x

  5. Thanks for sharing, Anita. These are cute and fast to make.


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