Friday, 25 July 2014

Block a Week Friday

Block 36 
Mock Houndstooth

This is a slip stitch pattern and lovely to do, it's so simple and gives a lovely patterned effect which could be used on any number of projects.
Rating - easy
Curl - 1
size - 6"x6"
ends - 4

More examples of this block

Made by Rachel
made by Sheri
Made by Jacqui
Progress -  number of different blocks made = 30
Numbers - 81417, 24, 26 30,31,34,36 4041, 42,43,44, 45,48, 5256,58,6267,70,96 98,100113,133,153200209
(Click on the number to see the block.)

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All the blocks in the Block a Week Friday feature are blocks made from the book 200 Knitted Blocks by Jan Eaton. You can read all about the challenge here and here, the challenge is on going and it's never too late to join in!

I'm going away for a few days so see you when I get back!

Have a great weekend :)

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Sarah's quiz

Thank you all for your feedback about problems with blogger, I know it sounds awful but I'm glad I'm not alone, I sometimes worry that while I wait for the page to load it never does and my blog disappears into cyberspace like all those comments.

I am joining in with Sarah from Sarahsweethearts  fun quiz this week, I know some of you have participated already and I have enjoyed reading your answers so here are mine.

Are you a multi crafter?
Yes I knit, crochet, sew a bit, have done cross stitch,Tapestry, embroidery, rug making, macramé (remember that?)

Do you like to knit or crochet more?
I prefer to crochet I never get tired of it but I like to knit too but just not as much.

What is your favourite brand of yarn?
I did like Robin Dk acrylic because of all the lovely shades, most of my lilac meadow blanket was made up of that, but I can't really give a favourite because I like so many.

Striped, variegated or solid?
I like it all equally.

How long have you been crocheting/knitting?
I have been knitting since I was eight years old thats 53 years!, and started crocheting about 35 years ago

Your preferred hook size?
4 mm with 5 mm a close second, then a 3 mm

Acrylic, wool, cotton or blends?
I prefer acrylic because of the huge variety of shades, it's 
versatility and it's price, wool makes me itch and I can't tolerate it next to my skin, I love working with cotton too and cotton blends

Do you like a regular handle or a thicker handle...such as a wood covered, clay covered, etc.
I prefer these 
the handles are kinder to my hands

and then these because the colours make me smile.

Do you donate or gift most of your items?
I donate most of the things I make and gift to those who appreciate a handmade gift (lots don't)

What sort of charities do you donate to?
I will donate to any charity whose need is the most urgent, I have been known to drop everything to make something that is urgently needed but I prefer to make baby and preemie items.

Some of the very diverse items I have made for charity 
(please just ask if you want information about any of these items)

What is your main reason for being a yarn/textile enthusiast?
It defines who I am I can't help it, picking up a crochet hook is as natural to me as breathing and to know that the thing that I love to do most can help someone in need is like the icing on the cake.

 What hook size do you not have in your collection?
I have every size from 2mm to 9mm although I have worked with very fine steel hooks in the past it doesn't appeal to me now and anything thicker than a 9mm hurts my hands.

How did you learn?
I learnt at school on short yellow plastic needles but my grandmother taught me how to make kettle holders with steel needles and I never looked back, all her neighbours gave me scraps of wool, I made lots of kettle holders in bright pretty stripes

I taught myself to crochet from this book 

Any other questions/answers you'd like to ask or share?
What other crafts would you like to try?
I would love to be able to quilt, I envy those who can.

That was fun I hope that you enjoyed my answers if you would like to join in with the quiz and I hope you will because I would love to read your answers too you can find out all about it here

If you haven't already you can find
 Debi's answers here
Kate's here
and Sarah's here

Hope you are all having a fabulous week. :)

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Sunday Smiles.

I know it's supposed to be Sunday Smiles but in all fairness It's not all smiles this week so please bear with me.  My broadband connection has been excruciatingly slow this week and it has taken forever to load up my blog and your blogs, infact blogger has been slow for weeks, sometimes I can't see all your pictures and it's sooo frustrating.

The worst thing is when I leave you a comment and press send and a box comes up asking me to sign in! I'm already signed in for goodness sake! and then when I've done that the comment I have left you has disappeared, so I don't know if you have received it or not, so if you have two comments from me nearly the same you know why and if you have no comments well please let me tell you it's there flying in cyberspace somewhere phew ....sorry I had to get that off my chest, is anyone else having problems? are you finding blogger slow too.

Anyway enough of the moaning at least for now. :)
I started going to the gym a couple of months back for the simple reason I felt tired and sluggish, no wonder really I hadn't done much exercise for a long time and I had a couple of spare tires around my middle, that's where my chocolate goes and on my tummy of course, where does your go?
Anyway there is nowhere to leave your stuff in the gym really so I needed a solution and this is it, A bottle holder with a little pocket on the side for my membership card and I can fasten my keys to it too.  I used the cotton which has been languishing in my stash since my stepping back in time trip  
If you can crochet you can easily make one of these but if anyone wants the pattern just say and I will gladly write it out.
I find the gym very boring but I have lost one of my tires and I do feel much fitter so I will persist. Do any of you use a gym and what do you think, do you like it, is it helping?

Do you ever watch those sale channels? I don't usually but a couple of weeks ago early one Sunday morning I found myself watching this fella who was selling a paint spraying system, in no time at all he had spray painted a fence, some decking, garden table and chairs, then he moved indoors and painted walls and furniture.  Everything looked wonderful and he made it look so easy, so I was completely taken in and ordered one there and then because my whole house needs redecorating and garden fences need painting too.  
They are so clever these sales people they suck you right in.  

Anyway it arrived in a huge box I took it out and tried to understand all the instructions but I'm really useless at understanding long drawn out explanations  and have to try to figure as I go, it took me two weeks to actually use it.  I thought it was safe to use it on my garden furniture so I put it on the lawn with a huge sheet under it here is the result.

I am pleased with the result but it takes ages to prepare everything and minutes to actually do the job, then ages to clear away.  I felt the paint came out too quickly and it seems to use a lot, but it only needed one coat.  So I'm not convinced it's worth the money yet, I think it will be fine for the garden but maybe not for the house, so watch this space.
Maybe you have one of these yourself, please let me know if you do and any tips would be most appreciated. 

My newly painted garden furniture was put to good use this week

We had our monthly Loving Hands meeting and sat and nibbled, chatted and crafted it was such a pleasant afternoon.  The ladies brought lots of beautiful finished projects too which I will show you another time because I think I have kept you all long enough but just before I go....

The stars in my garden this week

Lady Hamilton
Another one from my David Austin collection, I love it's colour, beauty and fragrance, however the blooms are short lived and will only live a day in the vase then it's pretty head will droop and the beautiful petals will scatter themselves all over your table.  It's still worth it, even for a day, I love to have a single cut rose on my table don't you?

I hope you have all had a lovely warm and beautiful week and that this next one is even better. :)

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Friday, 18 July 2014

Block A Week Friday

Block 62

I really enjoyed making this block because it was so easy, it's amazing what lovely textured affects you can get by just knitting purl and knit stitches.  You could incorporate this pattern into almost anything.

Rating - easy
Curl - 1
size - 6"x6"
ends - 2

More examples of this block

Made by Barbara
Made by Triccia
Progress -  number of different blocks made = 29
Numbers - 81417, 24, 26 30,31,344041, 42,43,44, 45,48, 5256,58,62, 67,70,96 98,100113,133,153200209
(Click on the number to see the block.)

Linking with

All the blocks in the Block a Week Friday feature are blocks made from the book 200 Knitted Blocks by Jan Eaton. You can read all about the challenge here and here, the challenge is on going and it's never too late to join in!

Have a great weekend! 

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