Wednesday, 16 April 2014

One to Love

The Nola Granny Shawl

I made this shawl a while back but haven't had time to show you until now. I really enjoyed making this and lets face it who wouldn't love making a granny shawl, so easy and cosy to do, no thinking required just let your hands yield the hook while your mind drifts to far off places, warm beaches and sunshine far away from the cold winds and rain of the North East of England ;)

Made totally with stash yarn, I used a strand of double knitting together with a strand of 4 ply in green and Aran weight in navy keeping my fingers crossed that the navy wouldn't run out.... there was just enough!

I found the shawl here and wanted to make it right away, I loved the edging which Pammy Sue used for her shawl but I knew I wouldn't have enough yarn to make it so I used the edging from here ( you can find links to other shawls and poncho's there too.)

The Nola shawl is named thus, because the sound of the name Nola makes you feel warm and cosy and the name actually means fair shoulder, sounds very apt don't you think?  If you think I'm a little crazy (or a lot) that's ok too ;)

This shawl will be joining the gentle ripple and the Luana, eventually to be sent to SIBOL

This shawl used 362 grams of yarn
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Thank you to those who have joined in the fun and have tried to guess the joining colour of my blanket which is now finished yay!!! I'm just waiting for some good lighting so that I can take some decent photo's.

There is still plenty of time to guess, the last guess to be in by midnight 27th April. 

With lots of love.

Monday, 14 April 2014

Stepping Back in Time

Sometimes a chance encounter or a casual remark can send you spinning way back in time.  I was sitting In my local garden centre having a cup of cappuccino and a very nice slice of white chocolate and cranberry tray bake 

when I became aware of a lady staring at me, she actually came over and sat down next to me and asked me if I was the lady who had come to the craft fair last year she said, "I remember you  because my friend gave you some things for the Syrian refugees". I agreed that yes I was, in fact I blogged about that encounter here.

We got chatting as fellow crafter's do and she asked me where I usually bought my wool from and said that she usually got hers from Kemp's, well I thought she meant Kemp's on line but she was actually referring to a shop called Kemp's and when she explained where it was I couldn't believe it!  This wool shop stands opposite the Hospital where I did my nursing training many years ago, I couldn't believe that it was still there 41 years on. 

 I remember I had just started going out with my future husband, he was a Doctor on one of the wards and I worked as a student nurse on night duty, I decided that I wanted to make him a jumper and I bought the wool from that very shop, it was the first wool I had ever bought and it was for the first big project I would ever make. It was a ribbed polo neck sweater in petrol blue and it took me forever to make but it was loved and worn for years and years.

Another thing I bought
was this

As you can see it's a bit worse for wear and has been well used over the years, I taught myself how to crochet out of that same book.

I couldn't leave it there of course, I had a need to actually go back there and see the shop in question, so I took the bus into the town and walked up to the shop, a very long walk but this was a trip down memory lane and I wanted to see it all. 

I found the shop right opposite the hospital in exactly in the same place,  I  took a deep breath opened the door and went inside.  It has changed of course the front part of it taken up with lovely hand knitted baby items and quite a good selection of wool at the back.  I spent ages in there studying all they had and did I make a purchase? well yes of course I did, I couldn't go all that way for nothing.

Right next door to the wool shop is a little shop that sells magazines and gift cards and doubles up as a coffee shop so feeling quite tired after my long walk and long browse in the wool shop I went in and had a cappuccino and sat there for a long while gazing across the road, the hospital is still there but has changed enormously, in fact they were drawing up the plans for the new hospital, when I was doing my training, we got to see the model of the new hospital before we all left and went our separate ways.

I could see the nurses home where I used to live, now turned into offices, my bedroom was fourth from the corner right, second floor down.

I was transported back to the sound of giggling girls, getting ready to go out for the evening, some sat on the floor in the corridor drying their hair, while boxes of Carmen rollers were heating up in preparation, that dot seemed to take ages to turn black.  Then in my mind’s eye I can see and hear a dear friend I haven’t seen or heard from since then, strutting up and down in her new shoes asking what do you think, do they go with this dress? Pointing her toes and twirling her ankle, have a good look! Don’t you think the pink one’s would be better? we would all sigh in exasperation, she could never make up her mind.  
Where is she now? Where have they all gone those lovely girls that meant so much to me at the time, gone and some never seen or heard of again.  We had such good times, do the ghosts of our giggling voices still echo in those corridors.

I feel a tear rolling down my cheek and rapidly bring myself back to the present, back to the little café and my now empty cup, it’s time to go home.

Three friends having a laugh outside the nurses home

Pub just down the road where we would all go for a drink after work.

Me as a student Nurse on the steps of the nurses home.

Have a great week !

with lots of love

Friday, 11 April 2014

Block a week Friday

The pattern is made up of four rows but what I like about it is there is only one pattern row in the four, the other three are plain knit and purl rows.  Having said that I still managed to make mistakes, can you spot them?  I really couldn't be bothered to pull it out and start again.  I do like this one, I think it's a very pretty pattern and would look lovely used to make a sweater.

Rating - intermediate
Curl - 2 (side curl) 1 after blocking
size - 6" x 6"
ends - 14

Another example of this block

By Full time mum

Progress -  number of different blocks made = 17
Numbers - 1417, 24, 30,31,344041, 42, 45, 525667  98113,153, 209
(Click on the number to see the block.)

Number of blocks altogether = 20

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Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Easter Chick Pattern in Knit and Crochet

It's not too late to make some of these cute little chicks for Easter, we are making them at work to raise funds for the Day Unit.  It's surprising how popular these little chicks are, we are struggling to keep up with demand as the ladies and gents who attend the unit are wanting them for their grandchildren.

With this in mind I wanted a nice easy pattern, something that will work up in no time and yet still look effective.  I know there are lots of Easter Chick patterns out there but this is how I made mine.

There are knitted and crochet versions although crochet chains are used to finish off the knitted chick.

Crochet Easter Chick

Made to cover a chocolate cream egg but would look good as an egg cosy too.

English Crochet Terms

htr = half treble  ( US hdc = half double crochet)

You will need
Double knitting yarn in any colour you wish.

3.50 mm hook for body
3.00 mm hook for trims

**Tail feathers
You can have fun with these, make them look outrageous kids will love them.

Head Feathers and Beak
change to 3.00 mm hook

work two French knots at each side of the head for eyes. 

Stuff the head with a little cotton wool or fibre fill, to complete put a cream egg inside the chick. 

Knitted version
 Double Knitting yarn
4.00 mm knitting needles

Cast on 32 sts and work 6 rows in rib.
garter stitch until you have 6 ridges of garter stitch on right side then cast off 11sts, knit to end.
Cast off 11sts knit  to end.
Work on these 10 sts until you have 6 ridges for the head.
Finish chick as for crochet chick from **

So which do you prefer

Crochet or knit

or perhaps.....
a few of each.

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