Monday, 30 May 2016

I made it!

It's the end of May already I can't believe how quickly this year is speeding past, I hope you are all having a great Spring, the weather always lets us down on the cold east coast of England, the rest of the British Isles may be bathed in warm sunshine but it's usually freezing cold here with sea fret to contend with I'm hoping that the sun will burn the clouds away so that I can pressure wash my drive this afternoon.

This month like the last one has been extremely busy for me on the home front and I think it may continue for a while but at last the property is on the market which is a huge accomplishment. I have been trying for the past ten years and to be honest I never thought I would see the day, it's such a relief,   I'm hoping it will sell fast and we can draw a line under it and move on with our lives, it is as you can appreciate a very complicated family situation.

On the crafting front I have managed to complete the hat entry for the Crochet Crowd's feel good charity challenge.

I used my chunky yarn stash for most of these and made the smallest size which has turned out big enough for a young teenager.
It's a lovely easy pattern and you can find it here

I have also made my two Teddy Puppets...

You can read all about the Teddy Challenge and find the pattern here

As for my May boys sweater it has been started....

I have never used this method to make a sweater before so it's taking me ages but I am enjoying the process and I will finish it sometime but certainly not for this month thats for sure.

So counting the Afghan my total stash-bust for May is 1,626 grams which is the best month yet, it helps that I have been using bulky yarns of course.

June Targets

  1. Finish May Sweater. 
  2. Complete the sock I started months ago.
  3. A boy sweater for June.
  4. Two Teddy Puppets.
  5. Start a doily for my coffee table, pattern yet to be decided.
How has your May Crafting gone and what are your plans for June?

Have a great week :) 

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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

One Entry Down and One to go!

Thank you for all your lovely comments and good wishes I'm pleased  to say things are progressing albeit very slowly and my fingers are crossed that nothing is going to interfere or hold up the process now that it's started to inch forward.  I know it all sounds very criptic all I can say at the moment is that it involves selling a property please keep your fingers crossed for me. :)

 If you can remember my challenge for this month was to join in with the crochet crowd's feel good charity challenge and submit at least one entry...


One entry all done for the Afghan section

This was an absolute joy to make a fabulously easy granny stripe just the thing to relax with and calm  ragged nerves..

I used stash yarn most of it was Stylecraft Special Aran and I used the Random stripe generator which is such fun and for me  it was great not have to think 'now what colour next?' 

You can find the pattern with tutorial here.

I thought I had another entry for the hat category but when I've counted the hats I've made there is one short so I'm off to make that now I have till the end  of the month so plenty of time to submit them both and get started on my May sweater which will end up as being May/June sweater I think.

For those of you that haven't heard Daniel from the Crochet Crowd has suffered a heart attack I would like to send my best wishes for a speedy recovery. xx

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Sunday, 22 May 2016

Stash-Buster Link Party Ten

Thank you to all of you who linked their lovely creations to the last party! these were your favourites...

Sweet Little Jacket made by Babs from Loving Hands

Meredith's beautiful South Bay Shawlette

Very Cute Baby Blanket made by Hobbyloes

Nata's lovely dishcloths
Congratulations ladies and thank you for linking to the stash party.

 Stash-Buster Party Ten


  • Please grab the stash-buster link party button
  • All crafts are welcome either complete or works in progress.
  • Link the picture from your actual post and not your blog address.
  • Be polite and click on at least 2 links and leave some nice comments
  • Please mention the link party in your post or display the party button in your sidebar if you want to be featured.
Happy Linking!

Any LH pictures are projects made by ladies who are members of Loving Hands, clicking on the picture will show you an enlarged version, if you would like any information about any of the projects shown please just ask in the comments section. 

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Making Time

Just popping in to say hi and to apologise for not being round much lately, thank you to all of you that have left me lovely comments and I'm so touched by all those who have been emailing me to ask if I am ok, I am fine but am having to deal with some issues both at home and at work at the moment and they seem to be taking up an awful lot of my time.  

It's funny how things all seem to happen at once but that's life I suppose.  I hope you are all ok I'm really sorry that I haven't been visiting much but I can assure you I will be catching up with you all just as soon as I can.

I have made sure that I've had some crafting time it's the only thing that's keeping me sane at the moment.....

Even if you are short of time you can still find the time to make something as quick and as sweet as these..

Baby Hug Boots another lovely free pattern from Marianna

Be warned they are addictive but are great for using up those little bits of stash yarn. You can find the pattern here.

Have a great week! 

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