Sunday, 14 February 2016

Stash-Buster Link Party Three

Welcome to the third Stash link party of 2016, thank you for linking all your lovely stash-busting makes to stash-buster party two! there were a record number of link ups this time so thank you so much for joining in.  

Can I please remind you to click on at least two links, leave each other some nice comments and grab some idea's and inspiration into the bargain. 

These were your favourites...

Knit Poncho Made By Ana a great Stash-buster!
Crochet Flowers on canvas by Ninu
A Scarf made by Terrra
Crochet Doily made by Preeti with free pattern link.
Congratulations ladies and thank you for linking :) 

Now it's time to Party! remember all crafts are included not just your yarny makes.

                                             Stash-Buster Link Party 3

  • Please grab the stash-buster link party button
  • All crafts are welcome either complete or works in progress.
  • Link the picture from your actual post and not your blog address.
  • Be polite and click on at least 2 links and leave some nice comments
  • Please mention the link party in your post or display the party button in your sidebar if you want to be featured.

Any LH pictures are projects made by ladies who are members of Loving Hands, clicking on the picture will show you an enlarged version, if you would like any information about any of the projects shown please just ask in the comments section. 

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Friday, 12 February 2016

Five on Friday

Decisions have been made!

But not all I hasten to add, thank you for all your suggestions and idea's last week I really enjoyed reading them and I considered each and every one of them very seriously indeed.

It's funny how when you decide to do something it quickly escalates, believe you me just because I'm getting new sofa's the entire living room has been under scrutiny, I considered new carpeting, then perhaps a new door from the hallway to the lounge because the present door is quite shabby but that would mean buying two because I would have to change the kitchen one to match.  Then should I get new curtains? so...

I have decided to paint the walls in a shade of white at the moment Jasmine white is out front, I have dado rails and have yet to decide on their colour should they be the same as the walls, pure white, green, a coffee type colour?
I have decided to keep the door and am just going to paint it, but what colour?  pure white or whatever I decide for the dado rails??

I have decided I am keeping the carpet if I do stay in this house I will change it later but I will buy a rug in a colour/colours to tie the whole colour scheme together whatever colour that may turn out to be.
I want new curtains in a neutral colour along with a fleck of the same colour as the dado rails whatever colour they turn out to be.
As always all your idea's and suggestions gratefully received the decisions need to be made pretty quickly because everything needs to be done before the arrival of new sofa's in approximately 3-4 weeks.
So far I have taken the pictures down from the walls haha well it's a start!

After lots of research and careful consideration about the tracker bracelets I have decided not to go for a bracelet at all I wouldn't be able to wear it for work anyway but a fob type device which can be placed in your pocket or pinned about your person somewhere. The winner was the fit-bit one, I like the look of it and it has great reviews.  I had an Amazon gift voucher so it has only cost me £10 so I can't wait for it to arrive.

I have finished my mittens or Split mittens, they were designed by Christine (Winwick Mum) 

They fit great, are lovely and warm and of course are very practical too. I made them over two evenings super quick to make in chunky yarn I used Style-craft special chunky and Bonus chunky out of my chunky stash left over from my mini rings of change last year. You can find the pattern here

I decided to go into town last Sunday to look at curtains and things and on the way my car began to wobble alarmingly, bear in mind I was driving at about 45 mph at the time, there were cars in front and behind me and no where to stop. I slowed right down to 20 mph my heart was thumping  because I could hardly control the car, I managed to drive around the next roundabout and pull into a side road and as the car came to a halt my tyre flew off.....

Have you ever seen anything like it! Anyway I called out the RAC and they put my temporary tyre on and I had  all my tyres changed the next day. I'm still shaking when I think about it! from now on I will check my tyres everyday before I get into the car.

Car now resplendent with new tyres, has had a good check up and now has a clean bill of health.

When I went to visit my boyfriend the other night he told me that he has started reading Shakespeare loves it and has just bought the complete works, he spends nearly all his spare time reading and his spare room is like a library, it's shelved from floor to ceiling and every conceivable place is filled with books which spill over into his living room and bedroom too.  The next day when my car had been newly tyred I made that journey into town and while I was browsing came across this picture..

I couldn't believe it what a coincidence, I though that's just the thing for Kevin to put on his wall if he can find any wall space between the books that is, it's his birthday at the end of the month so I will give it to him then along with the socks I made him for Christmas but weren't gifted then because I decided to give him them for his birthday instead.

Have a great weekend!

Joining Amy for her Five on Friday 

Linking with...

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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Yarn Along.

I have a feeling that there won't be a lot of finishes this month because most of the projects I'm working on are long term works in progress or new starts, however I'm sure I will complete these quite quickly...

Mittens for me made in lovely thick chunky yarn so they are working up quite quickly.  I find it quite hard to work with thicker yarns there seems to be more wear and tear on your hands. I'm hoping they will be ready soon my poor hands are freezing!

I had another trip to the library last week and borrowed these..

There are some really sweet projects in this book and a couple I wouldn't mind making.

Delicious socks I love those on the front cover but I fear they are way beyond me, well put it this way I know I could make them if I really put my mind to it but it would take me forever and I mean months! I'm quite happy to make plain socks and let the yarn do the talking, but it's lovely just to browse through this book and see all the sock possibilities.

Now this is more like it you can see how deep my reading goes, I'm really enjoying this book, it's about two married women who are looking for something different in their lives, they are thinking there has to be more to life than this and they leave home for a week to attend a  tai chi course. As you can imagine there is temptation aplenty when they arrive and I'm now wondering will they or won't they added to which one of them has left a very beautiful au pair at home to look after her husband and children and the usually straight laced steeped in routine hubby is finding it very hard to resist the very beautiful fun loving au pair so will he or won't he.??? I think he will myself. :)

Joining in with Ginny's Yarn Along

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Sunday, 7 February 2016

More Cheerful Child Progress

These little six inch squares are really fun to make, probably because the designs are easy and they work up fast here are the latest three....

crochet square block free pattern easy cute cal child baby charity

This is one winter project I'm really enjoying, it's hard to find a favorite because they are all cute.  My mind is spinning with ideas for another one in different colourways once this one is done... maybe, I'm thinking about it anyway.

These are squares made for the Cheerful Child Blanket crochet along hosted by Carolyn over at Pink Mambo you can find out all about it here and see other squares I've made for this blanket here.

Thank you for all your great idea's and advice on my last post, I am researching and thinking, so many decisions to make and lots of colour charts now being poured over, you will be the first to know once I've decided... I'm so indecisive! 

Linking with Jennifer's Winter Project Link Party

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