Friday, 7 October 2016

They Did it!

To be honest I never thought that they would it seemed like an impossible task but OCC Barton upon Humber have indeed smashed the Teddy Puppet record with an amazing 16,099 bears!

Shared from their Facebook page....

Wow, what a day!!!!
After months of knitting and crocheting the day eventually arrived for all the bears to gather for their final celebration together before they begin the concluding part of their amazing journey to needy children around the world.
It was an amazing sight to see all the bears together in a never ending line of 16,099 record breaking bears. Congratulations Team Teddy, you really are awesome!
Thank you so much to everyone who has supported our Teddy Bear Challenge and made the impossible 'possible'. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and commitment of Team Teddy and by the willingness of all our helpers... you have proved that extraordinary things can be achieved when ordinary people work together. Thank you to each and every one of you.
There are so many people who helped today with the mammoth task of setting out (and clearing away) all the bears and verifying the attempt... we are so grateful to you all, and also to long distance members of Team Teddy for sending us your best wishes.
I will post pictures as soon as the photographer sends me them (I didn't get chance to take any myself!!!).
I hope you are all extremely proud of what we've achieved together... 16,099 children will receive a teddy created and sent with love. Xx

I'm glad that I was able to help out in a very small way but each and every Ted counts. You can read about the appeal here and thank you to everyone who took part. :)

 photo e69a549e-0e33-465a-b88b-a6ebe916eaaa_zps34480328.jpg


  1. Hi Linda! Wow, congratulations to all who participated! It is so great to have a goal and achieve it :)

  2. It's mindblowing to picture how many children will be made happy by these teddy puppets.

  3. Wow, fantastic!! Congratulations ♫♪♫♪♫ And what a wonderful pic! ♥
    Have a cozy weekend! xxx

  4. That's a lot of teddy bears, and a whole lot of love being spread around! Great job Linda :)

  5. A beautiful gesture !!! Love the picture !!!
    Have a nice weekend !

  6. What an extraordinary event!!! That is amazing Linda.

  7. I never thought they would do it either. ...amazing!

  8. Hi Linda, Congrats on the task accomplished!!:)

  9. Hi Linda, Congrats on the task accomplished!!:)

  10. Amazing! Well done to all who donated these great teddies.

  11. I can't believe I nearly missed this. I wonder where my little teddy is in that big pile.


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