A simple crochet Mojo puppet available in two sizes the larger size is shown in brackets.
Each Puppet has four facial expressions, happy as shown above…




·       The monster is worked in two pieces a front and a back.
·       Hands and feet can be crocheted onto the main body or made with felt and sewn on later.
·       Features can be embroidered or made with felt and sewn on.

Height from top of head to base of foot 13 (15) inches
Width of body 6 (8) inches(not counting arms)

·       Approximately 100 (200) grams of Chunky yarn or two strands of Dk yarn held together in any colour, the faces are better crocheted in lighter plain colours to make the features stand out, red is ideal for the angry face.
·       5.5 mm crochet hook
·       Small amount of felt for hands and feet and for facial expressions or
·       Sewing and embroidery thread for features.
·       Toy Stuffing (see safety notes)

The puppet is made using htr = half treble stitches throughout (UK terminology)

Head, Body and Face Flaps (make two.)

Work a 19 (23) chain.
Htr in 3rd chain from hook and in each chain to end, (2ch turn here and at the end of each following row) 17, (21) sts
Work another 10, (12) rows

(Pocket opening)
1htr in next 5, (6) sts, chain 7 (9) miss 7 (9)sts, 1htr in last 5(6) sts.
1htr in each st and chain to end. 17(19) sts) 

 Change colour here for face if you wish.
Work 10 (12) rows

Change colour here for face flap if you wish
Face Flap
1htr in back loop of each st on this row only (Place marker so that you can see where to fold for face flap)
Work 10, (12) more rows break yarn and fasten off

(The pockets are made to fit inside the body).
With wrong side of puppet facing, join yarn and htr across the 7, (9) sts of the pocket opening.
 work 14 (16) rows on these 7 (9) stitches, fold the pocket and either ss the end of the pocket to the top opening of the pocket or sew it in place, sew up the sides. Lightly sew the bottom of the pocket to the body on the inside of the puppet.

 Hands and feet

You can make these with felt to your own design or crochet them onto the body as seen in the pictures below.
With right side facing, join yarn 4 (5) rows down from beginning of face and work 5 (7) htr.
Work 3 (5) rows.
Dec 1 st at the beginning and end of each row until there are 3 sts remaining, crochet the last 3sts tog. Break yarn and tie off.
Repeat for the other side starting with wrong side facing.
With right side facing find central st on the starting edge of the monster and work 6 (8)htr to the left of central st.
For large Monster only work two further rows, then..
Ch5 (7)
1htr in 3rd ch and each ch and st across row. 9 (11)sts
Work another 2 (4) more rows break yarn and fasten off.
With wrong side facing and leaving central stitch unworked repeat for second foot.

For the expressions sew on small pieces of felt cut to size, or you could embroider them (felt generally looks more realistic). See the emojis on the last page as a guide, and also the monster pictures at the top of this pattern.

Sewing up
Place wrong sides of the monster together pushing all loose ends inside and neatly over sew around the edge of the entire puppet leaving the top edge of the head open for the stuffing.
Lightly stuff the feet first if crocheted onto the body and then the rest of the monster including the hands.
Sew the top of the head along the ridge made when folding the face flaps.
Have fun and decorate your Monster in any way you wish making sure that any embellishments should be well sewn on so that they can't be pulled off by a child.

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