Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Just Out of Reach!

Yesterday the sun was shining and so I decided to clip my Laurel bush, I do this once a year out of necessity not enjoyment you understand.  The bush is situated in the bottom left hand corner of my garden and it is huge, so huge in fact that it is a definite ladder job.  I hate heights but like I said before it is out of necessity or the thing would take over. It's easy enough to trim the sides into a nice circular shape but when I get to the top well that's a different matter.  So picture the scene there I am perched on the uppermost step of my five rung step ladder instruments of destruction all laid out on top of the bush before me, I will try every tool I own to try and reach as far as I can loppers, clippers even edge trimmers,  I stretch forward as far as I can reach with each tool in turn and this is the result a perfect ball with huge tail, a friend has suggested that I grow a head on the front bit and turn it into a huge bird of some description. any other suggestions greatly welcomed. 

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