Thursday, 10 November 2011

Sweet Girl

Lots of lovely positive comments about the granny ripple thank you everyone, it's lovely to make and best of all no squares to sew up.  The trouble is although I love making blankets they do take an age and I like to see results, so I start to look for some small things to make just so that I can feel like I have done something, the searching can take a while bit in the end I always find something and if that something is cute then so much the better.  This week I found this little sweet girl motif and I fell in love just had to make her not once but twice.  She was such fun to make and is now hanging on my study wall, but just think how good she would look embellishing a bag or little sweater.

Please inspire me and tell me about your favourite cute patterns :)


  1. They are so lovely, any little girl would be pleased to have them hanging in her room

  2. She would look perfect embellishing a little bag or sweater. I love Magic with Hook and Needles! The one in the red is my favorite. :)


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