Thursday 29 March 2012

On the subject of flowers

I have flower mania at the moment.  Well it is spring and the weather is beautiful, I know it’s going to change very soon but for now I’m enjoying it and looking forward to all the lovely flowers which will eventually bloom in my garden.  I have the urge to crochet flowers, my lovely kids gave me some money for Mother’s Day and I had to buy these books.

Endless possibilities I can’t wait to get started and yes I know I should finish off the projects I'm doing at the moment but I do enjoy doing several things at once and everything does get finished eventually and flowers are quick to make and even if you don’t use them straight away they can be waiting there ready to adorn some creation you have completed and give it that final touch which will make it beautiful.
So you can imagine my delight when I came across this Crochet-a-long.

What a beautiful blog and what a beautiful cushion, roses are my favourite flower so I just had to take part, I came across this just recently and so am a little late but it’s just week two so plenty of time to catch up.  I am now at the stage of deciding on which colours and what type of yarn and where I want to put the cushion, sitting room, bedroom or summerhouse, the location will be the deciding factor in the colour choice.  In the meantime I have been playing with various yarn types when I should really be doing housework and pegging out the washing lol.
Here are a few I have made.

Warning!! these roses are completely addictive once you start making them it’s very hard to stop :)


  1. Hi Linda, thank you for your lovely comment over at mine. I'm the same, I'm always starting new things when I haven't finished others xxx

  2. Just in time for spring.. Very cute

  3. Hi Linda, i totally agree the flowers are addictive

  4. Beautiful Linda! The one on the bottom left is my favorite. My house cleaning has been put on the back burner since I started crocheting roses, as well. :-)

  5. oooh they're beautiful! I've been crocheting a few flowers recently, I'll have to give this one a go.

  6. I posted your lovely photo of your roses on a page tab called "CAL" at the top of my blog. I have linked back to your blog.

    Thank you so much for posting about the roses. :-)

  7. The flowers are darling! We loved having you join us for "Strut Your Stuff Saturday." Hope to see you again soon! -The Sisters


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