Saturday 28 April 2012

Granny Poncho CAL


 As soon as Sucrette announced this CAL I was hooked, I love her little poncho pattern and it was already on my to do list.  I have already been making poncho's with knitted squares as you all know but I haven't actually made one from scratch for a while. I do like poncho's and they have certainly made a comeback here in the UK, however I have never considered making one for myself and I intended just making some to send on to Loving Hands.
  I have already made a start on the first one. I love these colours and I think that they combine nicely together, nice and bright for a sweet little girl.

Then I came across this yarn,

it's been in my stash for ages, someone donated it to me, it has no label on it so I don't even know what kind of yarn it is.  it's like a soft snugly mohair and it's not at all scratchy, so a little thought sprang into my mind last night just as I was about to drop off to sleep, I could make a poncho for myself with this yarn, it would be lovely to wear on cool summer evenings even if I was just sitting on my patio, better than a shawl that would just slip off my shoulders, and it would leave my hands free to crochet.  So with much trepidation and quite a bit of excitement ( I have never owned a poncho before) I have begun the poncho crocheting process with great determination lol
 If you haven't joined Sucretts CAL already there is still time to join in.
Have a great weekend everyone :)


  1. Hello! i've just found your lovely blog!! I love the beautiful things you have made, I plan to learn how to crochet one day, i've been told that it's very addictive! I will look forward to reading more of your blog, Marina x

    1. Thank you Marina have just been over to yours and enjoyed my visit, yes you must learn to crochet and yes it is very addictive lol

  2. Your girl poncho is looking so pretty. But I can´t wait to see yours with that lovely yarn. I did not join because I am making a half-granny shawl now, which is almost the same (but half of it).
    Thanks for your comment in my blog. I thought I was the only crazy persona that knitted under the arm, but I guess it is a technique. I hope I can learn to knit with circulars though...

    1. Hi Ana thank you, I have started on my poncho today that yarn is not easy to work with but I am going to keep on going with it I think it will be worth it in the end. looking forward to seeing your half-granny shawl and good luck with the circulars :)

  3. OMG You are the only one i've found with this pattern on the internet! It's crazy!... Well, that's not really the best way to begin my comment, but i'm excited! I found you!

    Okay, breathe...

    Now, I'll be really, really happy if you were so kind to explain how to do the "neck" of the poncho, because I don't know if I have to dicrease a point in the corners... or if I have to do it BEFORE and not after making the rest o the poncho.

    At the beginning, at the end...

    I have a lot of doubts!! I hope you answer to me soon.



  4. Hello Maria you can find the graphic pattern here

    if you can't understand it please let me know and I will try to explain. :)


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