Thursday 24 May 2012

A Collection of Triangles

I know that I said that Hexagons are my favourite shape, but the triangles have taken me completely by surprise.  They are quick to do because they only have three sides and they look lovely when they are finished.
The first ever blanket I made was made of simple sc triangles and I was so proud of it, it was so satisfying making those little triangles  then joining them together to make a blanket. it was my first ever donation to Loving Hands and I would love to show you but unfortunately silly me forgot to take a photo of it.  
Here is my triangle collection, some of them are in numerical order because I like most of the triangles so I didn't really have to pick and choose.

Motif #56
A lovely granny triangle, I may experiment with this one later

Motif #57

Nice and easy to do with a lovely neat finish

Motif #58

This is another one which looks nicer in real life than in the book.  There's a nice contrast of textures, the final round of  reverse sc was a nice surprise as it's my favourite edging, it finishes it off perfectly.

Motif '59

 Cute and easy but has to be blocked to get the correct shape.

Motif #61

This is more like a granny corner worked in rows.  Nice and pretty but there are 9 ends to sew in !

Motif #62

 Lovely to make and I think very striking in red and white

Motif #66

  I love this one it looks complicated but it's not, just sc and chains, so simple but very effective.  I carried the yarn up the back so no ends to sew in.  You could go on and on with this one.  The curved edges make it impossible to join these together which is a pity I think.

Motif #76

 A pretty little motif,  this one would be lovely made in fine yarn.  I think we will all be expert picot makers at the end of this challenge :)

Motif #78

 Another favourite and easy to work up into something bigger because it has straight edges.

I hope that you my little collection of triangles.  I'm trying to think of a favourite,  I think Motif #66 was the nicest to make but Motif #62 looks good, there again don't you think that number 76 is the cutest little Motif, lol each one has something to commend it and photo's really don't show them off to their best.

Progress 41 out of 100


  1. Good morning Linda... I love them all but my favorite is #62 the red and white one... very pretty!....have a lovely day!
    Shari :)

  2. So many possibilities! I might have to make a blanket with triangles.

    1. Yes Kate, you don't see many blankets made with triangles something a bit different I think :)

  3. Thank you Shari and good morning to you, it's 4pm here and a lovely sunny day, #62 is pretty, it would be nice as a bunting I think in lots of different colours :)

  4. Silly me I was trying to decide which one I liked best ...impossible task I like them all!!!

    Amanda :-)

  5. I'm with Shari - hands down #62! (Although they are all awesome.)

  6. I felt the same way: prefer hexagons, but was surprised by triangles. I left them for last , but I am liking them a lot. Yours are lovely, ALL of them ;-)

    1. Thank you Ana yours are lovely too so neat and perfect :)


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