Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Granny Sampler Afghan More Progress

Good morning all you lovely people, I hope that your week is going well. I'm pleased to say that I am right up to date with the granny afghan sampler and still enjoying it very much.  This week is blocking week but as my motifs are made in acrylic yarn I'm going to skip this bit.  I have tried blocking acrylic in the past but have found it doesn't really work that well and once the motifs are sewn together they usually look fine anyway fingers crossed.
You can find week one and two here
Weeks three to seven here

Week Eight
The Sunburst

I tweaked the last round in this one, I love the sunny centres.

Week Nine
Three Dimensional Granny Square Flower

I love this one it's lovely and neat and I found it easy to make.

(Week 10 was catch up week)

Week 11
Popcorn Flower Granny Square

I was a little bit worried at the start of these because I always find Popcorns difficult but I overcame my fears and once I got the hang of it they were easy enough.

Week Twelve
Granny Square Spiral

I love the way these have turned out, I think they are very effective, but I did get myself in a bit of a tangle using four colours at once.

Week Thirteen
The Whirlygig Granny

I enjoyed making these but keeping your tension even for the top round is a must or it can look a mess.

Week 14
A Rectangular Granny

I like these and of course you could just go on and on and make a big rectangular blanket if you wanted .

So there you are that's where we are at the moment,  it's fun trying out new stitches and squares especially as you know they will be used in an afghan.   As you can see my squares aren't perfect so I am hoping they will look ok once they are sewn up, I think we will start some sewing next week.

My favourite? well each one has a special something but I think it has to be week nine because I love flowers, which one is yours?

If you want to join in with this CAL just click on the link below you can find all the instructions for each square on Blairs lovely blog Wise Craft


  1. Hi Linda!

    I think all squares have turned out pretty - I too liked the flower squares, but the spirals look so unique and interesting, too! (Plus, you don't see them very often in finished granny afghans, so that'll be interesting)

    Can't wait to see the finished blanket!

  2. Very nice Linda. The three yarn spiral tangled mess creator is my favorite. :-)

  3. Cant wait to see the blanket finished. Love the flower grannie! I to have been working on mine...it sure does take time to make one..I still have a long ways to go! Shari!

  4. Yes dear friend, All your granny squares are so beautifull.. And you are so creative and very talented..:))
    Good wishes...

  5. Thank you ladies looks like the spiral one's are the favourites :)

  6. Hi Linda
    Lovely variety of motifs....going to be a wonderful blanket look forward to seeing the finished item. I don't block anything made in acrylic yarn either unless I have to pull it into shape a bit and then I spray it and pin it out for a few hours to dry.
    Many thanks for your comments on my posts. Yvonne at Just blethering continues to have disappeared along with Hoots Cove..so strange!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  7. Všetke sú prekrásne, super. Prosím nebol by niekde návod na tie spirály. Skúšam ale nejde mi to :-( ďakujem krásne, obdivujem tvoju šikovnosť. Mery.


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