Friday, 10 April 2015

Five on Friday

Hidden treasures

Many of us have been blogging for a while now, I can remember when I began back in 2011 I never expected anyone to visit my blog let alone leave a comment and it was a long time before any visitors came my way and when I got my first comment I had a smile on my face for days.
I began blogging to leave a record of all the things I made for charity and then gradually it grew into much more than that, now I like to feel that my blog posts can give something to the reader like a link to a great pattern or blog or maybe even inspire someone to make something similar.

With this in mind looking back on those first days, reading my early posts I'm thinking no wonder I had no followers the posts sound stilted and awkward but many of us have blogged about something that hasn't been seen or given the credit it deserves so I have been digging into the archives of my blog and these are the five treasures I have unearthed.

Little Bears
I had such fun making these they became quite addictive, I can even remember lying in bed making them and leaving my yarn and hook at the side of my bed just in case I woke early and had time to make one before I had to get up and get ready for work.  I think I must have sickened myself because I haven't made any more since then. (Blog post here)

This blanket was a big deal for me at the time.  It was one of the first blankets I made and I was quite proud of it because it had taken me ages to sew all those little squares together.  The photography isn't great I should really have blocked it before I took the picture but never mind this blanket was sent to a charity and I'm sure it was well received somewhere. (You can see the post here.)

I called this the Isle of White Blanket and it was lovely to make I must make it again! (blog post here)

Poncho Sweater
I thought that this was so sweet and quite different.  (Blog post here)

Cute Little Bags
I had lots of fun making these I was certainly in the bag making mood at the time, these and others were made for a Halloween Fayre (more in this post)

I really enjoyed looking back and although these posts are four years old I can still remember making every single one of these projects and the fun I had making them. I hope that you enjoyed my blasts from the past I will be linking these to my projects and patterns tab just below the header so that the patterns for them can be found at any time.

Why don't you have a dig into your archives and see what treasures you can unearth and share them with us.

Have a lovely weekend !

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  1. You certainly have a "crafty" past Linda. I am not surprised after making so many bears that you have not touched them again. funny how we overload sometimes. It is just so addictive isn't it. My blog is only 16 months old, so not so much to root through, but I began mine as a record of all that I do at Christmas time so my children would have a referenced. I enjoyed blogging so much and people did visit and the comments make me want to blog more that I carried on and love it. This blogging community is so generous, friendly and inspiring, I love it.

  2. It's so fun to look back and see all the lovely things you have created. The little bears look so adorable. I really enjoyed my visit today :)

  3. Oh they are all sp pretty. I love the little bags. I bet the bags and teddy bears are in bedrooms all over the place being well loved. I especially like the colours in your Isles of White blanket. The poncho is fabulous x

  4. The Poncho-Sweater is soo cute, I wish I had a little girl to wear it, but my 2 sons won't do this :-D *haha*

  5. It's lovely looking on past makes isn't it x

  6. It was wonderful to take a stroll back through your archives with you and to see some of your older makes. I love the little bears and the Isle of Wight blanket is beautiful too!! I suspect that we all look back at our older posts and think of things we could change, but there is no point in that because it is all part of the journey and without those early posts we would not know how far we have come. Of course I have a long way to go to have travelled as far as you in the blogging journey! Thank you so much as always for joining in and sharing your makes! I hope that you have a great weekend - with some crafting of course! xx

  7. What a lovely idea to revisit previous projects and relive the memories.

  8. All lovely projects, Linda. And the best part is that you enjoyed making each one of them. A few days ago a friend showed me a blanket I made a while ago, and I had forgotten about it. That was "pre-blog"! I am thinking the blog is a kind of "scrapbook" for yarny things :-)

  9. They're all very nice Linda - I especially love the little teddy bears. :)

  10. What a brilliant way to reminisce, I especially like the little pink and white ponchos.


  11. Great trip down memory lane, Linda :-) I've been doing the same thing lately. It is fun to see how a blog changes over time. Thanks for the links; I've added a couple projects to my to-make pile. Take care :-)

  12. I loved seeing your earlier posts and crochet. I need to go back and read your blog from the beginning.


  13. Hi Linda, your projects are lovely, especially, the teddy bears:)
    I know it is so nice to go back and read old posts and how , in the beginning, we are so ignorant about the nuances of blogging. I did not know that I was suppose to follow or comment other blogs in order to have someone visit mine.

  14. That's a good idea Linda! I think I'll do it too :-)
    Shame you don't make anymore little bears they look so cute! Still...I know what you mean! I really hate repeating a make and only do so rarely and even then I have to add a little something different.

    Keep well

    Amanda xx

  15. I agree it is really important to take lots of photos. I love looking through mine and being reminded of some of them.

  16. Such lovely projects, that collection of coloured teddies is so sweet. There is such a great community of bloggers out there its so nice to share things. Thanks for the links to your projects.

  17. Wonderful post Linda! Love the Teddy bears, I just might make some of them as I need a pattern for little toys for a local charity and they look just the ticket. The bags are cute too. I have a long way to go as I have only been blogging since last February. It is so grat to have a record of our progress. here's to another 4 years of successful blogging for you.

  18. Beautiful projects, very nice post!
    Happy weekend.:*

  19. When I look back at my earlier posts, I can tell I had no idea what I was doing. We all evolve as time marches on. Making friends around the world and being inspired has been the best part of the whole experience. Lovely seeing these 5 past projects. I remember the teddy bears. When I get going on something, I'll make many at a time, and then peter out. Until the mood strikes again. :) Have a great weekend. Tammy

  20. Hi Linda, what a good idea to show us posts from your archive! Thank you for sharing. x

  21. As I've only joined your blog in the last year or so, it was great to take a peak at your past makes. Lots of lovely things to see. Have a great week.
    Jacqui xx

  22. I am not sure my posts have gotten any better as I have lived in blogland. I made those little purses and had fun with them. Love all you have made and your journey back to the past.

  23. What a great selection of makes, I love the infant poncho - its just such a shame that I can't crochet at all!

  24. Having just started a blog, you don't know how grateful I am for your lovely comments! Like you I want to blog about my charity makes, if I can encourage anyone to take the plunge and contribute to helping others with their crafting, then it will have been worth the effort!

  25. What a beautiful review, Linda! So wonderful things you made, like always :-). I'm very tempted by the teddies and bags, thanks for showing them again! Greetings, Nata

  26. Those Little Bears are just so sweet and cute! Aside from them, I love what this post stands for - the beginnings of a great journey.
    I have chosen the little bears, and the story, as one of my EyeLoveKNots Yarn Favorites and featured in this week's Yarn Fanatic Party #33.


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