Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Making A Difference

Regular readers of my blog will know that I am a member of Loving Hands which was founded by Lou Jaap in 2007.  We now have thousands of members around the world all crafting together to make a difference to those in need.  Last weekend  I was very proud to read an article in the Sun newspaper about our organization explaining the work we do and how even a small pair of mittens can help a child who has been orphaned or indeed made homeless.  Sadly Lou  is now in ill health and although she is still at the helm a lovely lady called Kate Guant is now doing the invaluable job of taking over where Lou has had to leave off.  Because of the article we have seen a huge increase in our members it's heartwarming to know that there are so many who want to help.  You can read more about Loving Hands here  why don't you join us too.

One of the charities we support is Operation Orphan who are now in Nepal helping where they can. You can read  a harrowing and very sad account of what they experienced when they arrived there here.

Operation Orphan have put out a plea for knitted/crocheted blankets in all sizes, if you would like to help but can't face making a whole blanket six inch squares sewn into strips of six, or twelve inch squares sewn into strips of three made with DK yarn can be sent on to us, please email me for an address if you are interested.

Following on from my Knit a Block a Week Challenge last year, I'm challenging myself to make as many squares and projects as I can from the book 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton you can see what I have made so far here

and this is what I have made for this month so far....


I have made these particular squares in gender neutral shades for Liz from Unraveling Me do pop along to her blog to see what she is going to do with them.

As you can see there is always a great need for squares so many charities are in need of them. With the making of these I will be killing three birds with one stone..

  1.  Helping people in need.
  2. Keeping up with my Challenge.
  3. Stashbusting.

Making squares needn't be boring there are so many free ones to choose from online they are quick to make and are a great portable project too.

Thank you for all your kind best wishes for my upcoming surgery on Thursday, I'm hoping that it will go ahead as planned and it's not cancelled at the last minute which can happen quite frequently.  

I'm not sure when I will be able to post again but I will be back as soon as I'm able, I will have my ipad next to me so that I can keep up with what you have all been doing and I will be surrounded by yarn and needles so I will have plenty to keep me busy.

Take care all of you

love ya!

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  1. Hi Linda, I hope your surgery goes well and that you'll have a speedy recovery. I'll read through the information you've provided, thank you for sharing it. Best wishes, Heather

  2. It's so nice that the paper recognized Loving Hands' continued help for those in need. It's a good feeling to help knit up the squares (and mittens etc) to those who have lost so much already. Great work Linda! I like your new blocks too :) Good luck to you on Thursday ... my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Wendy xox

  3. Best wishes for the surgery. I hear it works wonders, so you will soon be back to normal or ever better!

  4. How exciting to have Loving Hands recognized that way. You really are doing good, important work. I wish you all the best with your surgery and recovery. I hope all goes well. Take care, Linda.

  5. That's a very kind job you are doing , Linda!! Best wishes for your surgery.

  6. Lots of love from the other Linda xxx

  7. I sewed up my first strip of 6 squares last night, now getting on with the next one. Like you, I'm so proud to be a member of Loving Hands. Good luck with the surgery, and take it easy afterwards!

  8. Hope your surgery goes well, how great that Loving Hands has been recognised. x

  9. Good luck, take care, all will be well.

  10. You are so giving my friend. I wish you the very, very best with your surgery.
    Heal quickly.

  11. Lovely squares and so very interesting to read about Loving Hands.
    Best wishes for tomorrow.

  12. Thank you so much for making these beautiful squares for 'Cwtch of Comfort'. I have some squares here that may be useful for 'Loving Hands', could you email me the address? Once I've completed the Cwtch of Comfort project, I'd be happy to make a blanket for this cause xx

    I also wanted to wish you the very best for your surgery today-sending best wishes for a speedy recovery! xx

  13. Good luck with your surgery, I'm sending hugs .It is great that Loving Hands has been mentioned,You are truly a great person for giving.

  14. Lovely squares, Linda! It is great to use our hobbies for a good cause. I am also collaborating for a local charity :-)

  15. there is nothing better than helping those in need..I too knit for charity, been doing it for years..I learned to knit so i coud knit hats..
    prayers and hugs, hope all is going well with you..

  16. Hope all is well with you Linda - just wanted to send you love and best wishes for a speedy recovery ....... x

  17. lovely colors and lovely squares and awesome charity! can they only be grannys or any crochet/knit afghan?

    1. It can be any type of square as long as they are 6 inch or any type of afghan. :)

  18. Just found this so arriving late to the party! Can we use any type of yarn? I have mostly wool and wool blends, but also alpaca, silk, and so on, but very little Acrylic. Would that be OK?


    1. Hi Robebe I'm sure whatever you make would be appreciated but acrylic is prefered as it's easier to wash and is more durable in rough conditions. :)

    2. That's fine. Thanks for getting back to me ☺


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