Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Yarn Along

Another one of the four projects I began at the beginning of October was the Greg CAL, I'm really enjoying this one.  This week the pattern for the fourth square was published...


Now Ian is a tad fiddly to say the least because you are crocheting behind the stitches of the previous row, after my first attempt I was ready to give it up and go for the easier alternative square provided but because I love the texture of the design I stuck with it and I'm glad I did because I love the finish. I'm hoping to get all eight finished to day and then I will start to join all these four boys together.

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I finished this book much quicker than I thought I would I went to bed on Saturday night determined just to read for half an hour but actually it was 1 30 before I could put it down, I just had to finish it.  Thank goodness the clocks had gone back and I had an extra hours lie in.  If you haven't read this already then I can recommend it was a real page turner.  To be honest I had guessed what had gone on but couldn't figure out the how so it kept me interested right to the end.

I'm now reading this

My one criticism so far is the size of the text its very small for my ageing eyes, of course I could have got it on my Kindle but this was a freebie so I will persevere.  I've only read a few pages but I'm liking it so far.

Joining with Ginny's Yarn along why not pop along and see what others are making and reading it's fun. :)

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  1. Your Greg CAL is coming long nicely. Thanks for the book recommendations, I'll add them to my "want to read" list.

  2. Lovely crochet project Linda, it is cool to see one tune color!

  3. Hi,
    Love your crochet blocks. Love the book covers.
    Have a great day!

  4. The perfect activities : crocheting and reading...

  5. I remembered after I last commented that I had read this book. It is good isn't it! I have one by this author in my waiting to be read pile. Beautiful squares, I like the texture of them. xx

  6. Interesting blocks! I haven't tried creating any yet as they seem a challenge for someone like me still learning. One of these days!

  7. Your blocks look lovely! Thank you so much for partying with me :)
    Joanita @ Snickerdoodle Sunday


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