Monday, 2 May 2016

I Just Love A Challenge or Two.

April went by without me realising it a month of frantic activity both on the home and crafting front.  I am dealing with a very tricky situation at the moment and it's very emotionally and physically draining but it has to be sorted because it's been hanging over me for ten years this time I have to see it through and draw a line under it and move on.

I hate anything that takes me away from my crafting activities and of course my blog and my visits to you lovely lot but in this case needs must, once it's all sorted I hope that I can tell you more about it. 

Even though I wasn't able to craft so much I still did manage to achieve most of my objectives  for April and busted a 900 grams of stash and better still I resisted the urge buy any yarn last month yay! Unfortunately I haven't been able to show you everything but I will when time allows.

So what have I got planned for May on the crafting front....

I am joining in with the Feel Good Charity Challenge hosted by the Crochet Crowd it started on the 10th April  and will finish at the end of May so I have my work cut out if I'm going to submit any of my projects. I'm hoping to have two entries one in the afghan category and one in the hat category which will tie in quite nicely with another challenge which has been set by a facebook group I'm part of  Knit Your Square To Give Your Share, they too have set a challenge Bash your Stash  Big Hat Little Hat which runs from the beginning of May to October.

I have already made a start on the afghan..

An easy granny stripe blanket made with stash Aran yarn so hopefully it will work up quite quickly, I have missed making a blanket and I'm so happy to be making this.  I'm also hopefully going to make a hat today and I'm looking forward to that too.

I know what you are saying yes but what about the sweater a month and the two Ted Puppets well I'm pleased to say I did manage to make my April Teds and here they are...

crochet toys free pattern easy charity makes
Pattern here
making a late appearance but I did complete them in April.  As you all know I did manage to make an April Sweater as for the May sweater I make no promises to actually finish it in May because of the challenges but I will try and if I don't manage then it will be two June sweaters instead.

So for May then we are looking for..

1 Afghan.
12 Hats.
2 Ted Puppets.
? 1 Sweater.

Will I do it?

What are your plans for May? why don't you join the challenges too it's fun. :) 

Read about the Teddy Puppet Appeal here

 photo e69a549e-0e33-465a-b88b-a6ebe916eaaa_zps34480328.jpg


  1. Beautiful colors for the granny stripe blanket.
    The Ted puppets are adorable.

  2. Love the Teds, and you've made a great start on the Afghan, Linda. Challenges are great fun, and do lots of good too. Look after yourself x

  3. I am sorry to hear that you are having a difficult time Linda, stay strong and I hope that you will be able to deal with the issues you are facing and come out the other side stronger and happier. I will be thinking of you and sending good thoughts and hugs! xx

  4. I'm sorry to hear you've got a lot of stress at the moment, *hugs* from me. I love your teddies, they're very cute.

  5. Your teddy puppets look great...sounds like May is going to be busy.

  6. You make this sound so very ominous Linda ... ten years?! Oh dear, I do hope things can be sorted out for you very quickly and that you can be finished with this once and for all.
    You would think this would have put your crochet & knitting to the sidelines, but I know you're a sucker for a challenge and can't say 'no'! Your afghan already looks deliciously cozy. Just a bit more to finish it, right?
    Big hugs to you Linda, and be kind to yourself ;)
    Wendy xox

  7. Hi Linda, Hope your difficult time will be over soon. Take care. Lovely teddy puppets :) Good luck with your challenges!!

  8. Stunning colours cannot wait to see the blanket made up. Your list is as bad as mine.
    Sorry to hear you are dealing with a lot of stress, it takes over your life and stops you doing what you want to. Take care and hope you get it sorted soon x

  9. JUST 900g..? That's just a baby blanket's worth around here. - Try adding on a few "zeros"! Or, even, change that "g" to a "K"! My "STASH" is pretty much a YARN-SHOP waiting to escape my house! It just has to get past the NEEDLES & HOOKS "Guards" first...
    BTW, love the PUPPETS!

  10. I really must make time to knit some of these teddy puppets. Your green one is especially eye-catching.

  11. Fabulous challenges. I so admire your charity work.

  12. Your little puppets are really cute !!!!
    Have a nice day !

  13. Sometimes the busier we are the more we get done - I know that's the case for me. You've done some great crafting no matter what and I hope things start to clear for you very soon - Chris :D

  14. Dear Linda, I hope all gets sorted out for you soon. The stresses of life definitely interfere with our crafting time, which is so counterproductive because crafting relieves stress!
    Hang in there,

  15. Wish you luck with all the challenges! The teddy puppets are adorable! Thank you for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday! Pinning to share.

  16. Aww Linda I'm sorry for the situation you are going through and hope it will get resolved. I do love those cute puppets you made.
    Thanks for sharing at Cooking and Crafting with J&J.
    Enjoy the week.

  17. Everything turned out so cute...sending hugs your way! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!

  18. sending you a hug as it sounds like you need it xxx thank you for mentioning our challenge - as always your knits/crochet items are always beautiful and we all highly regard your work you do for charity xxx

  19. Lovely colors for the afghan and the teddies are sweet as always, Linda! As much as I'd like to but I'm afraid I cannot manage working for more charity projects at the moment :-(. But I will gladly trace all the sweet things you're making for the challenges! Sunny greetings & a big hug for you, wishing you good luck that everything will turn out well!! Nata xxx


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