Monday 8 April 2019

Whats On My Hook

I have been totally engrossed these past two weeks in yet another stitch along this time it's one hosted by the Crochet crowd, The Spring Garden Afghan, everything else has been put on hold as I want to try and keep up with this, it only runs for Five weeks and today is the start of week three.

Week one consisted of 22 plain squares..

The pattern calls for worsted weight yarn but I used Dk so I had to do an extra round to get the squares 5 inches, I also used smaller stitches for the corners so that the holes weren't too large.

Week Two consisted of 20 squares..

Week Three

Just out today, I've been playing around with this, the flower is much bigger in the pattern but I have used smaller stitches to make it smaller and neater, just 20 more to go! 

Is anyone else following this too?

I love a project like this, one that's not too difficult and totally engrosses me, the housework and everything else has gone out of the window 😂 

Whats on your needles or hook?


  1. That will be beautiful Linda, lovely colors and the flowers in the middle are fun.
    I also started on a blanket a few weeks ago.

  2. Your squares looks so pretty and I love the spring colors of the yarn!

  3. Looks neat! The pink squares are gorgeous!

  4. I'm not following any stitch alongs but I do like to see other peoples progress. I like your squares. This will be a pretty one.
    xx Beca

  5. I love that green, it's very calming. I'll be blogging later about what's on my hook/needles!

  6. A busy bee !!!! Lovely !!!

  7. Looks like you've done well.
    I like both the green and pink …

    The housework always gets done eventually :)

    All the best Jan


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