Friday, 31 July 2020

Nothing is Safe!

It must be two years since I first set eyes on a decoupaged peace of work.  One of the ladies from the sewing group in my local U3A  brought some of her pieces in to show us, I was fascinated as I always am when I see a new craft and I can't figure out how it's done. Even if it's explained to me it takes a while for me to get it! Sheila tried to explain it to me very patiently it has to be said but I still wasn't convinced, how can sticking a piece of napkin onto a jar result into something so beautiful.

Sheila asked me and another lady (who was equally as fascinated as I was) if we would like to do a workshop at her home, of course! we jumped at the chance.  What a lovely day we had, Sheila was a great teacher her home is beautiful and she made us very welcome we even produced two pieces of work....

Please remember this was my first attempt but even so I was delighted with the result. Since then I haven't done that much apart from these..

Until now! I have time on my hands like I have never had before and I'm right back into it and nothing is safe! 

For those of you who haven't tried it decoupage is a very slow and messy business and it has to be done in stages. You start with the preparation, I like a white background which means things have to be painted, it may start with the one thing in front of you but you are sitting there with a wet paint brush or sponge and enough white paint to cover another object but which object? oh yes that jam jar would look nice or maybe the coffee jar ...

but why not both, oh and I'm sure there's an empty wine bottle in the recycling and so it goes on.

This plant holder was a dark cream colour with a huge chip as you can see.

Now transformed into a very pretty, looks like new plant holder.

Even as I go about my daily business my eyes are forever on the look out for possibilities. 

This was a drinking glass that had a crack down the side now disguised and beautifully displaying my Christmas cactus plant 

Canvas Decoupage is so easy! I have a few more cute napkins like this that will be finding themselves onto canvas soon too.
Of course last but not least Beach rocks I really can't stop! I have made so many of these and given quite a few to friends.  I think they are so pretty and I have written inspirational quotes on the back...

So you may ask is that it then? are you all done with the paint and the glue and the buying of pretty napkins, I have to say no I'm afraid not! I'm in the zone as it were I really can't stop! thank goodness for my summerhouse it has now been turned into my workshop, there no one can see the mess! 

Below is my next victim, I have moved beyond the confines of my home and I'm now into charity shop territory you can find all sorts of treasures in there, that bottle even has lights inside! just wait until it's had the decoupage treatment. I have sent for some rice paper for this which I have never used before so I can't wait to see how it turns out.

 What I'm actually going to do with this stuff once my decoupage obsession is over remains to be seen. 😂

Have a great weekend and take care. 😘

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  1. They're all fabulous, you really have got a talent for it. I've never tried decoupage myself but I love the effect.

  2. Beyond impressive Linda!!!! You are an artist...just look at all that creativity...absolutely amazing!! keep well Amanda x

  3. How fun! Decoupage can really be done with any kind of paper. I collected images from a magazine once and decorated a wooden tray which now hangs in my kitchen. I have lots of glass jars and bottles that I need to revamp and I keep saying I'll decoupage some but just haven't done it yet. Nice to see that you've made so many wonderful things and are enjoying the process.

  4. Gorgeous creations !!!!!!!!!!!! Love them all !!!!!!!
    Have a lovely week-end !

  5. I love the decoupaged rocks all lined up by the window. Great job. Your gift giving has just taken on a whole new meaning. Well done.

  6. I have never really done decoupage before. I will have to give it a try as it looks like a lot of fun. You have made some really nice things.
    Thanks for the blog visit Linda and have a happy Friday and weekend.

  7. Wow, a new hobby, it looks so fabulous and pretty!
    Ones I made eggs for Easter decorated with napkins.

  8. These transformations are incredible. You are very talented, Linda. X

  9. Great job, Linda. Everything turned out so well. The tiles with the mice are especially adorable!

  10. Having recently seen Linda's efforts "in the flesh", I can't say enough how beautiful they all are. The photos don't do them justice. I really don't know how you have the patience to do all this stuff, and fit it in around everything else you have going on. Well done! Babs xx

  11. How fun to have an new hobby to help during these troubling times. Your work is wonderful Linda. Enjoy and stay safe.

  12. Drawn to the post by the picture of your canvas's - so cute!

  13. I'm loving your decoupage rocks the best ~ they look so nice as a group at your window!

  14. These plants and flowers look amazing! I have pressed flowers before or drawn them but havent used them lile this before. Thanks for sharing,

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  16. These are all very creative ideas, love what you have done.

  17. hahha very recognisable how u discover a new hobby ad then go fully for it !!!
    those stones are soooooooo pretty.. nice gifts anyway when u are woken up from this new addiction !!

  18. So much fun! I’m glad you’re “in the zone.” That is such a good feeling. Thanks for sharing with Creative Compulsions!


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