Friday, 18 December 2020

A Sock Finish and A Walk with the Ducks

Before I start on anything else lets just give this weeks stars of the show the recognition they deserve ta daa...

To say that it's been a while since I made any I was quite surprised at how well they turned out, it must be like riding a bicycle once you have learnt to ride a bike you never forget (not that I ever learnt to ride a bike!) same goes for making socks.

You will note that it's the yarn that gives them the wow factor these are the easiest socks you can make, I have tried others with cables and such but with a variegated yarn a plain sock pattern will do.

I have decided these socks are going to be gifted but I won't say to whom for obvious reasons. 

I have used Winwick Mums Basic 4ply sock pattern.

I have just had a root about in my stash and have found this yarn....

I can't remember how I acquired it but I'm pleased I have found it as I've been toying with the idea of making a hat with sock yarn for myself, I don't suit hats it has to be said but when one is walking along the shore and the cold north wind is blasting you directly from the sea who cares what you look like as long as your head is warm don't you agree? 

Anyway what I want to ask is, has anyone made a hat with sock yarn before and if so, does it keep you warm? I'm asking because the yarn is so fine. I'm thinking it's pure wool and if I make a long enough brim so that it can be folded back giving double protection to ones ears then it should work don't you think? 

More Craft Talk

I have been experimenting with Tapestry Crochet ...

It took me a whole afternoon to make this tiny square. It's fiddly because you carry your second colour along the row and enclose it in the stitch you are working on. I want to explore further there are loads of tutorials on YouTube if anyone wants to give it a try. That little swatch will be used as a little coaster. Has anyone else tried it? I would be interested in your thoughts. 

I have also been working on another Christmas Cushion the front is finished so I will finish the back hopefully this weekend and then I can show you that next week.

Joe's Pond and a Walk in Rainton Meadows.

A couple of weeks ago we actually had a bit of sunshine and slightly higher temperatures, what a difference it makes.  A friend and I decided to drive just slightly further afield and walk in Rainton Meadows.  It's beautiful to walk there in the warmer months but like everywhere else quite stark in the winter. Joe's Pond is situated right next to the meadows and more than makes up for the lack of lush greenery and like I have said before, if there's water to be seen in any shape or form it adds to the walking experience and even more so if there are ducks and swans involved.

As always I took dozens of photos choosing just a few out of the many is always hard.

So here we are the last weekend before Christmas already, I have a feeling the shops will be crowded and I'm glad that I don't need to join the throng, I intend having a walk to my local town centre before the forecasted rain begins to pour, to find a Christmas tree cookie cutter because I fancy making some Gingerbread Cookies following Jules from A Hidden Gems recipe here

Wish me luck! if it's crowded I won't linger and will get one from Amazon instead, with Covid numbers rising so rapidly I can't understand why people would want to crowd into shops.

Have a lovely and safe weekend 😘

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  1. Your photo's are lovely, I do love the robin one. You have been busy. your socks are beautiful, I can't help you with he sock yarn/hat question, again you have pretty yarn.

  2. I have a sock lurking in a basket somewhere half finished and every time I see someone has finished a pair I feel guilty and think I should fish it out and get it finished, lol
    I haven't tried tapestry crochet, must put that on the list.

  3. Well done you, my friend took up knitting and crochet over lockdown and she's all but given up on making socks - she ended up with a sock that would fit someone wearing flippers hahaha. Lovely photos of your walk too, Robins are my favourite bird.

  4. Wow! Those socks are beautiful Linda. I can't believe that it's just random yarn and not a fair isle pattern. I love Joe's Pond. I followed your link and read up on it. It sounds lovely and I'm glad you enjoyed your walk. Nice of the little robin to pop onto the hide window to say 'hello' :) xxx

  5. Your socks are fabulous. I'm a big fan of self patterning yarn, you can get such a wonderful effect with just a fraction of the work. It looks like you chose a nice day for your walk. Mick's always attracted to water in any shape or form so our walks often take in a lake or stream.

  6. You did a great job Linda with knitting those beautiful socks. I enjoyed looking a the photos you took of your walk. I hope you have a nice weekend.

  7. Those socks are beautiful 😀 so are the pictures of your walk, it makes such a difference when the sun shines, love the robin picture too, have a lovely Christmas Linda xx

  8. Love the socks.What is the yarn?Barbarax

    1. It's King Cole Zig Zag but I don't think this particular colourway is still available.

  9. The socks are fabulous, Linda. I should really try and make some more myself, as hand knitted ones are very cosy. Christine's patterns are so straightforward to follow as well (even for me!).
    I got my selection of festive cutters from The Works a few years ago. They still stock them. X

  10. Such a fun pair of socks - I love the yarn you've chosen.

  11. Enjoy the sunshine while you have it. Very nice tapestry crochet, will add it to my list of things to try next year. I want to challenge myself and learn something new, as I always fall back on the tried and true projects. Happy Holidays.

  12. I love those socks. Thanks so much for the link to the pattern. I want to try to make a pair soon. I have done tapestry crochet in the past. I enjoy it every once in a while. I have avoided all in-person shopping, but that has meant that I have not been able to get everything that I planned. Not to worry though as the few people that I buy for definitely understand. I love the photos from your walk.

  13. I really love those socks, and yarn that self stripes always gives me a thrill! Sad I know! Gorgeous photos from your walk. Here in the south of England we've had almost constant rain, in fact today is the first day I've had a dry dog walk in ages! Have a lovely Christmas.

  14. Your socks are wonderful! I love the self striping yarn. That looks like a great place to go for a walk.

  15. I am always amazed when I see socks that have been knitted. Those are so cute!

  16. I have made several sock yarn hats. My favorite is the "Leftover Sock Yarn Hat" or "LOSY Hat" on Ravelry. It's basically a 3 x 1 rib made with two strands of sock yarn carried together on 4.0 mm needles. I've made 10 of them. It's my favorite charity hat because it is both quick and handsome with unisex styling. My most successful ones had a solid carried with a wild varigated.

  17. I love your beautiful socks! Congratulations on the finish. Love the pictures of your walk~ Happy Holidays!

  18. Rainton Meadows and Joe's Pond look like gorgeous place in which to wander. It looks lovely dressed in it's wintry colours. A most definite ta daa is required for those socks, Linda. They are gorgeous. Love those colours. Your little Christmas tree tapestry crochet is fun. It sounds tricky to me, but I have no doubt you will do a beautiful job working on this technique. Keep safe and take care when out and about. Hope your Christmas is a lovely one.

  19. I love your socks and the walking area is so pretty, I love scenes like this

  20. The socks are knitted very nicely. Joe's pond sounds fantastic for walking, what a beautiful nature reserve.
    And your crocheted Christmas tree coaster is fun to see!

  21. Joe's Pond seems a lovely peaceful place to visit and re charge the batteries.

  22. Your photographs are all so lovely :)

    All the best Jan


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