Friday, 11 June 2021

It's Been A Busy Week.

The Rock Art

 Well I have been back and checked all the places where I hid my rocks and they have all been taken.  The one that I left in the most prominent part of the town centre was the last to go, just as I don't want to be seen leaving them people probably don't want to be seen taking them either. 

They have appeared on the u3a Day blog on the main website and apparently will be shown in the newsletter too along with other u3a's pictures of their celebrations for u3a Day.

My latest craze is flower bugs I think everyone I know is going to receive one sooner or later as they are such fun to paint.

The Replacement

Look what I've got at last! I have managed to get a replacement treadmill from a different firm. I am hoping that this one lasts a little longer than the last one in fact a whole lot longer. It has taken me ages to decide on a replacement so I hope that I have made the right choice,  This one has an incline adjustment as well so I'll get a better work out.  It's good to have it for awful weather days. 

I have just received my credit card statement and have discovered that the refund for my first treadmill hasn't been credited to my account even though I had an email to say that it had been, that's why I went ahead and bought this new one I should have checked first, anyway I am on the case, I'm sure that I'll get it but it sure is taking a long time. 

Lovely Weather 

It has been lovely to have some nice bright sunny weather for a change look who came to visit last Sunday.

Little Mikey playing with his toys with a very tame Robin looking on without me realising it, I only saw the Robin when I looked at the photo. 


I had a phone call from a very dear friend, we don't speak often but we do keep in touch, this time she phoned me for a very sad reason, as I picked up the phone to answer her a robin flew right up to my window and perched on the watering can just in front of the conservatory doors, it stood there looking in while my friend broke the sad news that our very lovely mutual friend Frances had passed away. That Robin stood there looking in right up until the end of quite a long conversation. Coincidence? probably but I thought it was spooky and since then that robin comes into my garden and stands very close every time I go out (see above!) 

That makes four very special friends of mine that have passed away over the years, one just before last Christmas. Cancer in some form of another has been the cause for each one of them passing, of course as we get older it's inevitable but it's very sad just the same. 


Thank goodness for the busyness of this week it has kept my mind on other things, one of which is Mahjong, we have a u3a group which hasn't opened yet but four of us from the group meet when we can to have a game or two, this week we met in Paula's garden and had a very pleasant afternoon, if only the weather could be like this all the time.


Well there has been some progress on the station display, yesterday six of the ladies from the knitting group met in my garden and it looks as if we are getting there, we hope to erect the display a week on Sunday.

Coffee with a view

Sitting in The Outlook coffee shop with a friend down in our marina last Saturday, it's so lovely to sit there in the warm sunshine and take in the view, this time we had a visitor, that starling was sat just a foot away from us listening in to our conversation, it even posed for a photograph.

 It looks like the crochet, knitting and sewing have been put on hold at the moment nothing has been done, I'm not in the mood and the weather has been too nice to ignore, I'm making the most of it because it won't last long.

I hope you all have a great week 


  1. You certainly have been busy. The flower rocks are so cute, I'm sure friends will love them. Great progress on your display, it will look lovely when finished. I find refunds always take time to come through, even though they take your money right away. I'm still waiting for one that has been over a couple of weeks. Patience is a virtue.

  2. What a busy week you've had, it seems quite weird now when our days are full after the past year. I'm sorry to hear the sad news about your friend, I think we do expect it more as we get older but it makes it no less of a shock when it does happen, or less sad. I'm not surprised that all your rocks were taken, they're so lovely. I hope you get some new members who have seen the details on them.

  3. Your yarn bombing is going to look amazing, I hope you share photos when it's in place. Your rock painting is lovely i'm not surprised they have all been picked up.

  4. How gratifying to know that somebody is picking up your U3A stones. I hope they have the desired effect. I love the photo of your starling. Yesterday, while John was here, I had made scones and while we were looking round the garden a robin landed on the edge of the tin containing them and started helping himself. They are so cheeky.

  5. Flower bug painted rock is so cute. Lovely.
    Linda, I am really glad to know you are having very special moments with friends and family, like you used to do before the Pandemia and I am so sorry for your loss.

  6. Busy indeed ! With crafts and good company !
    Have a shinny weekend !

  7. How wonderful your sweet painted rocks are being picked up and finding a new home. Your flower bug is cute. I am sorry another friend has passed. I like that the Robin visits you all the time. The woolly station display is coming along beautifully. How fabulous you are once again meeting with friends and enjoying lovely friendship times.

  8. You have been so busy with so many wonderful things to do and people to be with. Enjoy all of it, crochet and knitting can wait until there are gloomy days.

  9. So sorry for you loss, losing a friend is so hard.

  10. I do like the flower bug painted rock.
    It looks like the wool station display is coming along nicely, it certainly looks colourful.

    Enjoy the weekend.

    All the best Jan

  11. Very sorry to hear about your friends who have loss their battles with cancer. It is interesting that you've had so many close-up encounters with birds lately. The ones around here are always so skittish so I'm glad I can view them through tinted windows. I've had to look up u3a to see what you are referring to. Always good to learn something new. It's great you are able to get together for community initiatives. I'm sure the fiber installation for the station will be beautiful. And you've painted so many beautiful rocks. Glad to know they are being noticed and hopefully enjoyed by the many who find them. Take care.

  12. You paint the prettiest rocks Linda. I am so sorry to hear about some of your friends passing away. :( It's great that you could meet some friends to play mahjong.
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the week Linda.

  13. OF COURSE the rocks have been taken, Linda, they are adorable. I'm so enjoying this.

  14. Brilliant photographs. Impressive one of the starling! I don't know why but it brought to mind Edgar Allan Poe's morbid story of The Raven! I think spiritualists believe Robins are messengers from loved ones who have passed on. I rather like the thought and I also like Robins. Sorry to hear of your loss Linda. Glad you have finally got a new treadmill. It doesn't look too big or hefty like some. Could you tell me the make please. At present the ones I have seen here are just too big. keep well Amanda x


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