Tuesday, 12 July 2011

What shall I do with this?

Usually I see a pattern I like then decide on the wool but this time I  did it the other way round.  This wool which was in my stash caught my eye because of it's fresh shades I had two lovely big balls and I turned them into

A Hexagon shaped baby blanket
I decided to make a blanket in this shape just for a change and because I've never done one in this shape before so it was a bit of a challenge, I thought that it would be the ideal shape to wrap a little baby in.

A Crochet Jacket 
This is a favourite pattern of mine, I have made it several times, so quick and easy and it looks different each time depending on the type of yarn used, I think it looks lovely in these shades. the link for this pattern can be found here

A knitted slip over and the cutest sleeveless Preemie jacket

just to give an idea of the size, the slip over should fit a child of 2years.



  1. i also just made a HUGE hexagon baby blanket :) i love your soft colors. and I LOVE the cutie baby jacket too

  2. I love your afghan and was wondering where you got the pattern.


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