Wednesday, 13 July 2011

African Flowers

African Flowers by lndyf9
African Flowers, a photo by lndyf9 on Flickr.
I didn't even know that these lovely motifs existed until just lately.  They are hugely popular in crochet Blogland and of course as soon as I saw them I had to have a go.  I have made several of these but they are a work in progress and probably will be for a while.  At this stage I'm not even sure what I will turn them into because I have a limited amount of this cotton.  Two balls of cream and one each of the other colours, so I plan to keep making them until the yarn runs out, only then will I know how many I have and what I should do with them.  Suggestions are very welcome of course. 


  1. I personally LOVE African Flowers :) You can do SOOO many things. Think of it as a granny square. And I don't have to tell you about how LIMITLESS the possibilities with that are!

  2. Love the colour combinations and yes your possibilities are endless. Just finishing some WIP and these lovely ones are also on my to-do-list. Can't wait to try them out. Carina


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