Saturday, 9 July 2011

A Beautiful Day

I sometimes forget what beauty I have on my own doorstep.  The actual town I live in can give absolutely no claims to beauty but just a few miles away is Durham Town. It took an outside visitor to shake me out of the daily grind and lethargy and show her some of the beauty spots close by.  Durham is well worth a visit and I have been there several times especially to visit the cathedral which I absolutely love, I feel a real sense of peace descend when I pass through it's doors.  This time was extra special because we were met by the sound of children's voices raised in song and we sat for a while and listened, their sweet voices followed us as we spent some time exploring the cathedral. 
From there we took a walk by the river, it was a beautiful day and I could have walked for ever watching the trees reflected in the unusually still waters of the Wear.

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