Saturday, 14 January 2012

Elephant Blanket all Done !!

Yes here it is all finished at last.  It measures 5'x5' and it's very bright, cheerful and most importantly warm, I'm hoping the elephants like it, I wonder if elephants see the same colours we do, I don't suppose we will ever know lol  I made it very simply in hdc throughout just varying the number of rows for interest. 


  1. Beautiful colorwork on a great large blanket!

  2. WOW... big and beautiful Linda... well done for finishing it! :)x

  3. Oh I love it! It's just what a blanket should be. Colourful, cozy and warm. I'm sure elephants appreciate such things too.

  4. Wow, your blanket is awesome! I love all of the different colours you used. The elephants will love it too, i'm sure! :)

  5. Elephant blanket? I'm sure they'd like such soft squishyness. :)
    Lots of lovely colours. It must have taken an age to make!

  6. oh!! que paseo de colores más bonito!! me encanta! a veces lo más simple es lo más hermoso! Felicidades!
    un abrazo


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