Thursday, 19 January 2012

Beyond the Square Challenge

Barbara over in K-Town recently issued a challenge she is currently making motifs from the book Beyond the Square by Edie Eckman and she has challenged us to join her in making 100 motifs or as many as we can.
I do love this book it's lovely to browse through even if you don't make a single motif. I have already began by making motif # 40 
You may ask what's the point in making motifs that you may never use, well my reasons are, it improves your crocheting skills, it provides some light relief when doing a bigger project, it's stirs up your imagination and creativity who knows what project may blossom because of them,  it's nice to show them off to family and friends and... I want to try and make more than Barbara lol, having said that she is already way ahead of me. 
Single motifs can be used as wall art, decoration on clothing, coasters, gifts.  With that last thought in mind let me lead you to this next motif.

 Motif #127
This first one was made with cotton yarn.  It's a very easy motif to make, the one in the book is made with a single colour but I like the two colour effect.

 I made this one with DK yarn
 Both together on a dark background

There are other heart motifs in the book but this one caught my eye, the gift of a heart given to the one you love for Valentines day or for anyone that's special in your life.

Progress 2 of 100


  1. *lol* the two of us will probably end up making all 144 motifs in the book, just to win our personal battle :))

    I like the motif you've picked this time, and I really loved reading your last sentence :)

    have a great evening, Linda!

    1. Aw thank you Barbara, I think you are right about us doing the whole 144 lol

  2. Pretty motif. Have fun with the challenge. :)

  3. This is a truly beautiful motif. Your choice of two colors gave it a super special touch. Lovely!!!

  4. sieht aus wie ein kleines Herzchen, wie süß ist das denn?

    liebe Grüße schickt Dir Traudi aus dem Drosselgarten

  5. Ooo this is a sweet one Linda... I like it in both versions too. Now do I break my own rule of doing the book in numberical order, or jump ahead and do this one... Arghh!!! Have a good weekend :)x

  6. Thank you eveyone :)

    Stocki go ahead and break your rule you have my permission lol, it's more fun doing them randomly I think :)

  7. I really admire you guys and how you're just getting in there and doing it... would it be too late for me to join you?

    I'm so impressed with all the lovely squares I'm seeing!!!

    H x

    1. Jump in and go for it Helen knowing the speed that you crochet you will overtake us all in no time anyway lol

  8. So pretty! :)
    ps There's a giveaway on my blog, would you like to join? :)!

    1. Thank you wink will definitely take a look, your web page won't load for me but will try later. :)


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