Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Swing Set Cardigan

To continue with the Book story, another book I love which was given to me as a birthday present is Little crochet by Linda Permann.  I couldn't wait to make something out of it so I started this little jacket on New Years Eve ( I needed a break from making the elephant blanket lol ) and I finished it off on New Years Day. This little cardigan was such a joy to make, made in one piece from the yoke down, a nice easy pattern to follow, I like the way that the self patterning yarn has produced an uneven result, I think that it adds to the charm of the jacket. 
I wish that I had a little grandchild or some small person to make things for I would shower them with all the beautiful things that can be found between the pages of this book.  I intend to work through this book as well as the other books I have so it's going to be a busy year, the things I make will be sent to Loving Hands so some small people somewhere in the world will benefit at least and who knows maybe one day one or more of my four sweet children may even bless me with a grandchild :)


  1. Oh it's lovely! I wish I had a little girl to crochet for too!

  2. It's very cute - I love the colors of the yarn. :)

  3. Some little girl at Loving Hands will adore this! Happy weekend Linda. :)

  4. i really love this and i think my little grandaughter would also. do you know were i can get this pattern?
    thank you

  5. Replies
    1. The pattern can be found in the book Little crochet by Linda Permann.


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