Tuesday, 21 February 2012

In Memory of a Friend

It's a while since I knitted anything because I find that I prefer crochet, however I have dug out the knitting needles for the following project and I find I am quite enjoying it.  Maybe it's good to have a break from things now and again.
Sadly one of our lovely Loving Hands members passed away last year, we new her as Mayflower and she was an inspiration to us all.  Not only did she turn out many beautiful items she also shared her knitting patterns with us. As a tribute to Mayflower part of the Spring Challenges is for us to make 1000 items from her patterns.  This is will be a pleasure for us to do because her patterns are very simple and easy to follow.  
Unfortunately I can't share the patterns with you because they are for Loving Hands members only, but I will be showing you the finished items as I make them.  I intend to do at least one item of each of her patterns which are all knitted and are mostly for babies and Preemies.

Mayflowers Wee Cardigan

I have made this one before it's a lovely pattern to make and as simple as can be.

If you would like to join Loving Hands just e-mail Lou on this link


Thank you for your visit, I will always answer any questions but due to time constraints I'm not always able to reply to your comments, please keep them coming I read and appreciate each and every one. xx

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