Sunday 19 February 2012

Motif #95

This one is nice quick and easy and of course could be used for all sorts of things.  It's a nice size too, mine measures 4''x4'' and it's made in cotton DK.  This one has already been put to good use as a coaster for my coffee cup :)


  1. This square looks great as a coaster. Nice job!

  2. You've got a pretty looking coaster to use and admire now. I enjoy quick and easy motifs too, it's fun to see things work up so quickly.

  3. Oh nice idea! Must be crochet season! Nice square! Must check it out.

  4. Yes...this motif makes a good coaster. I already have a couple in my motif collection destined for that use.
    And I am liking your "knit" cup. Very cute!


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