Wednesday, 8 February 2012

End of Winter Challenge.

The Loving Hands Winter Challenge seemed to come to an end so quickly, the last three months just flew.  With Christmas being in the middle of the challenge I didn't really have time to make as much as I would have liked to.  Never mind at least I have a few things packed up and ready to go, this is what went into the box this time.

One Elephant Blanket
One Blanket for the homeless
Two little tops
Scarf's for the homeless
Washables and underwear.
Polo shirts for Springs of life school in Kenya.

and here is the box just waiting to be closed sealed and sent off to Lou :)

The new Spring Challenge has started already and will run to 28th April 2012. 

If anyone would like to join this lovely group just contact Lou jaap, the contact details can be found here


  1. What a lot of nice things - the blanket is realy great!


  2. You made so much, it's amazing!!! :)


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