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Baby Dungaree Pattern

I have had lots of emails requesting a New born size for the Crochet Dungarees which I made back here, so here it is as promised.

Sweet Baby Dungaree's 

To fit birth to 3 months
(See below for sizing)
Size 4 mm hook
Approximately 80 grams Dk yarn.            

(The pattern is written in UK terms)          
Ch= chain                                                                           
Dc= double crochet (sc US terms)
Htr= half treble (hdc US terms)

Front and back are the same  make one piece for each

First Leg
Ch 22,
Row 1:- htr in 3rd ch from hook and in each chain across =20 htr, (2ch turn on this and every row)

Work 4 rows htr

Row 6:- htr in first st, 2 htr in next stitch, htr to end (21 htr)

Work 1 row fasten off.

Second Leg
Work as for first leg to 6th row, htr to last 2 sts, 2 htr in next st, htr in last st. ( 21 htr)

Work 1 row, 2 ch turn

Row 8:-htr across all sts,  ch 2, then all sts from first leg ensuring straight sides are on the outside and shaping on the inside = 44 htr

Rows 9-18 work straight on these 44 htr or until work measures 13 cm from beginning.

Row 19:- dec 1st at each end of row = 42 htr

Work three rows of 42 htr

Row 23:- dec 1 st at each end of row = 40 htr

Work 3 rows of 40 htr

Row 27 :- dec 1 st at each end of row = 38 htr

Work 3 rows of 38 htr or until work measures 22 cms from beg

Row 31:-Turn, ss into next 4 htr, ch 2,work to last 4 htr and leave unworked (30htr) 2ch turn

Row 32:-Dec 1 st at beg and end of this and every alternate row until there are 22 htr remaining.
Work 2 rows or until armhole measures 6 cm

Work 1 row dc  (US sc ) 1 ch turn

Buttonhole row
Row 42:- dc in 1st 2 sts, ch 1, miss 1 st, dc to last 3 sts ch 1, miss 1 st, dc in last 2 sts

Armhole should measure 7cms.
Fasten off.

Make 2
Chain 6
Htr in 3rd ch, htr to end = 4 htr, 2ch turn
Work 16 rows and fasten off.

Optional Pockets
Chain 13
Htr in 3rd chain from hook htr in each chain to end (11 htr)

Work 6 Rows htr and one Row dc to finish off, in contrasting shade if liked.

To Complete
Place pockets 19 rows up from the bottom and approx 4htr from the centre and sew into place.
If adding appliqué it’s easier to do it now before joining seams.
Join leg and side seams.

With contrasting shade, right side facing beg at armhole join, dc evenly up first front side of armhole, 3 dc in corner, dc across top of dungarees working 1 dc in buttonhole ch sps, 3dc in corner then dc evenly around armhole, 3 dc in corner dc across top back of dungarees, 3dc in corner, dc down armhole, ss into first dc and break yarn.
Weave in ends.
Sew straps onto back and add buttons.


These dungarees look cute plain but it's fun to embellish them with appliqué, there are so many lovely free appliqué patterns to be found, this is what I chose for my dungarees.

Just click on the name to be taken to the pattern all of which are from Ravelry.
Jelly fish 

Cup cake

I hope that you enjoy making these cute little dungaree's please let me know if you encounter any problems or if you have any questions. :)

Click here for size 12 to 18 months.

Show me your dungarees I would love to display them in the .........


Made by Miriam
They are so sweet and beautifully made in pure cotton yarn thank you for sharing Miriam.

Made by Janice
Thank you for sharing the picture of your lovely dungarees Janice, here is the link to Janice's notes on Ravelry 

 photo e69a549e-0e33-465a-b88b-a6ebe916eaaa_zps34480328.jpg


  1. Hi Linda!
    The dungaree pattern will be so useful to me now. I need to make something more for my baby for colder months, when he\she is around 3 months old :)
    Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  2. Way too cute Linda!!!!! You are so clever to work this pattern out and they really do look lovely! I like your little decorations too, lots of fun! xx

  3. They are so adorable Linda. Thank you for sharing your pattern with us. :)

  4. How very, very cute are these?? I am adding these to my list of must makes for my cousin who is expecting her first baby. As soon as she finds out if the baby is a boy or girl, I will get started! :) Thank you for this adorable pattern Linda!

  5. It's precious! So sweet!
    xx Beca

  6. Oh my, how freakin' cute!! I love these! Thanks for sharing your pattern. I'm gonna print it off and stick it in my baby pattern book to make next time I'm in the mood for baby crochet. Both of the ones you made are adorable!

  7. Those are very cute :-) I may have to think about making a pair for the Bean. Thanks for sharing your pattern :-)

  8. Adorable! They are so cute.

  9. These are so sweet. I wish I'd been better at crochet when my babies were small.

  10. Adorable! Love both! Thanks for sharing!
    Have a wonderful rest of week and weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  11. These are so adorable and you are so lovely to share the pattern.

  12. Oh my Gosh Mrs Linda!....this is so cute.Love them......Have a nice weekend. ;)

  13. Must try these enjoyed making the larger size x

  14. What a wonderful pattern Linda, so cute and I love that you've also included a measurement guide too. The appliqué really is great and it's nice to know that your basic pattern can be individualised to include our own creativeness. Thanks for sharing :-)

  15. Dearest Linda,
    You are a very talented, but abova all a very generous lady.
    Came from Ivy, Phyllis and Me: FABULOUS GIFTS
    Enjoy your day and many more crocheting projects!

  16. Now that is so adorable!

  17. olá seus trabalhos são lindos parabéns e sucesso.
    estou te seguindo, vem me visita.

  18. wowzers!! totally awesome! pinned :)

  19. The dungarees are very nice!!!! And thank you for a pattern, Linda.

  20. Thanks for the adorable pattern. What is the equivalent of DK weight in US? Medium worsted weight yarn 4 or light sports weight 3?

    1. Light worsted weight, Jessica. Usually a 4 :)

  21. I only wish I had the time, with a full time job I try to get it in here and there......... Very lovely.
    I will let you know how I do. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I'm working on the second leg, I was wondering if you had to join the yarn to the last stitch of the first leg to do the second leg or do the second leg separate.

  23. You work the second leg separately Natalie :)

  24. Hello Linda!

    Thank you for this nice pattern. I tried to make it today, but I have some problem with the abbreviations. I am really new in crochet.
    Would you mind if you let me know what does dec, ss and working straight mean, please?

    Thank you again.

    Blessings from Kosovo.

    1. Hi Elona dec means decrease, ss means slip stitch, and working straight just means working the rows as set. If you have any further difficulties just google, crochet decrease and crochet slip stitch and you will find youtube video's to help you. :)

  25. are these "shorts" or long pants?

    1. They are bermuda type shorts Susan but you could make the legs as long as you want them.

  26. Hi Linda
    I've replicated your pattern
    the pattern was adorable n the outcome was awesome
    btw how to post my work here

    1. Hi Mariam I'm please you enjoyed making the pattern, if you send me a picture in an email I will put the picture on here for you. :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. Hi, Your pattern is so cute I'm making some for my new nephew - I'm really new to crochet however so I was wondering whether you could tell me what you mean by "work 1 row" or "work 3 rows" - is that just repeating the previous row 1 or 3 times? Many thanks for any help!

    1. Hi Paige yes that's right work 3 rows just means make the same row 3 times. :)

  28. Hi, i'm in the process of working on this patter. My question is are there two panels? A front and a back that has to be sew together. i'm a bit lost.

    1. Hi Alley yes you make one piece for the front and one for the back, both are the same. :)

  29. Hi Linda,
    I made this 2 years ago and forgot to add it here as you requested. It was a fun pattern and your ideas for decoration got me started on creating a dungaree for our new "Oil Patch" baby, Hunter:) Since I could not find buttons to look like oil drops, I made them with Premo Sculpey baking clay, lol! I crocheted a pocket & sewed it on after I attached the embroidery I made in the letter "H"--same with his name patch. After finding a picture of an oil field derrick, I used it to create a crochet copy and crocheted it on, as well--a bit crookedly, unfortunately. If I could do it over, I would hand sewn the crocheted derrick to the dungarees. I used Sugar N' Cream cotton yarn for the dungarees and another yarn I bought at a yarn store for the derrick & the trim around the edges.
    --Linda S.

    1. They sound amazing! I would have loved to have seen a photo, I'm glad that you had so much fun with the pattern. :)

  30. When it says "work 1 row" or "work 3 rows" is it the same as the previously listed row?

    1. Yes it means work 1 or 3 rows the same. :)

  31. Hi. I'm making this adorable piece and I can't figure something out.

    This part:
    Row 19:- dec 1st at each end of row = 42 htr
    Work three rows

    --- If I work three rows, same as that previous row, when I get to this row:
    Row 23:- dec 1 st at each end of row = 40 htr

    I should have 36 sts. Am I not to decrease in those rows? Just go straight across in htr? Or are the stitch counts off?


    1. Hello Luna I have reworded the pattern hopefully it will be easier to understand now.

    2. Oh, thank you very much! Awesome.

  32. Thank you for your wonderful pattern, love making these


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