Sunday 25 May 2014

Sunday Smiles

I have enjoyed reading everyones happy posts this week, it is nice to look back on the week and reflect on the things that made you smile. I have realised it's like a kind of diary, it means that when you are feeling down you can look back on your happy days and feel happy all over again.

This week I have made Barbara's Little Spring Mandala and it really was fun to make.  I particularly loved rows 6a and 6b, thats the yellow and green round so simple to do but very effective, it's the first time I've tried something like that.  It's just a small mandala but I love it.

The star in my garden this week
 This beautiful Ceanothus

I was particularly happy to see this blooming this year because it was severely damaged by frost three years ago and half of it died off, these are the first flowers it has produced since then.

It's a Bank Holiday Weekend! and I'm going away for a couple of days with my daughter to see my son who is doing a phd at Cambridge, in fact we are catching the train in just two hours.  I have never visited cambridge before so I'm really looking forward to it even though rain is forecast.  I will tell you all about it and hopefully have lot's of photo's when I get back.

saw this on facebook and had to share :)

Last but by no means least.....I have reached 500 followers this week! I can't believe it I'm so happy that so many of you enjoy visiting and reading my blog, so a big welcome to all newcomers it's lovely to have you here and I hope you will leave me lots of comments so that I can get to know you and follow you too.

Have a great week! 

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  1. Very pretty! Wishing a lovely holiday weekend. Enjoy your trip.
    xx Beca

  2. Hi Linda. The mandela looks pretty and the flowers are gorgeous. Have a great time visiting your son. :)

  3. Your little doily is so cute. Love the way your favorite rounds look too. Those purple blooms are beautiful! They look very similar to lilacs which are my favorite. Congrats on 500!

  4. Lovely Mandala ! And your ceanothus, beautiful !!!!!!! First time I see one and I'm loving it ! I'll try to find one...
    Have a great week !

  5. Love the mandala, haven't made mine yet, and your prolific blue blooms. Enjoy your trip and I'll look forward to your posts when you come back.

    I agree about blogging being a diary which is why I'm only back blogging again. I am very sad but I love reading my own back posts as they are a diary for me and the gaps are usually times I really don't want to recall and at these times I prefer to read others blogs instead.

  6. Your ceanothus is beautiful. I always admire these in gardens, but have never got around to planting one. There must be a reason, if I could only remember it.

  7. A very pretty mandala Linda, it makes me smile :-) It is great that your plant has recovered and is blooming so well for you this year. Enjoy your weekend and don't forget your brolly xx

  8. Your mandala is so pretty! I've never seen ceanothus before, it's very different and beautiful. I'm glad yours is back and healthy again.

  9. Lovely flowers, Linda. And the mandala is really nice. will you use it as a doily?

  10. Hi Linda!
    Hope you enjoyed your trip!
    We had a very hot weekend, must have been above +40C! But we also did some pending things :)
    Loved your mandala, it seems like everyone now is upto making them! Your flowering bush looks beautiful, I have never seen such, the flowers' color is gorgeous.
    Have a nice day ahead!

  11. Lots to smile about. Enjoy your visit. Jacqui x

  12. Your mandala looks great Linda, and so does your ceanothus (spelling?), it has obviously recovered really well. Hope that you enjoyed your visit to Cambridge! xx

  13. Linda have a wonderful time visiting your very intelligent and wonderful son. You and your daughter (equally intelligent and wonderful) are going to have a fabulous time together.
    Hugs to you and congrats on the followers.

  14. Very nice mandala,beautiful flowers!!
    Happy week,greeting.

  15. Yay! Well done on reaching such a grand total Linda :-) Your mandala is lovely. I hope you are having a fab time in Cambridge.
    Tracey xxx

  16. I love hearing that your Ceanothus returned after severe's about being patient and giving it the time it needs to heal, right? is so pretty....thank you for sharing over here at Fishtail Cottage's garden party this week! oxxo, tracie

  17. Haha, the sheeps are so funny! Nice mandala and woow, your recovered Ceanothus is fantastic!! ♥ I'm happy with you that it's well again, what a bloomage!


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