Friday, 17 July 2015

Five on Friday

Simple Pleasures

Five things that have made me smile this week..
Wedding Shoes

A work colleague is getting married next year and brought her shoes in to show us this is the third pair she has showed us that girl is just crazy about shoes but she says that these are definitely the ones she is wearing, I have never seen anything like them before even the soles are great, what do you think?


 It doesn't take much to please me, just place me in front of water and I'm happy  maybe because my birth sign is scorpio a water sign.  Anyway I'm lucky to have water all around me really be it sea or just a short drive away, Hartlepool Marina.  I like to  park the car in front of the water, I usually take some coffee and a tasty nibble and just gaze at the view.

 The pictures aren't great because they were taken with my phone and it was a cloudy day.

 There are seagulls a plenty just waiting to peck up any crumbs that may be thrown their way

New Yarn

for a new project, a cardigan for me still in it's early stages and it may never happen, I don't know why I even started it, I never learn my lesson I have yet to be happy with one thing that I've made for myself but you never know this could be the one. 

Emily's Cats 

My son's girlfriend is from Hong Kong and she has three cats which she absolutely adores, I have never seen cats like them and when she sends a picture of them I just burst out laughing, this is the latest, she was relaxing on the settee and they decided to make themselves at home.

and finally...

Saw this on Facebook right after Emily sent the cat pictures, I'm so pleased she doesn't read my blog haha.

Have the best of weekends xx

Joining Amy and many others for this weeks..
pop along and see what they have been up too.

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  1. Good Morning Linda, Oh my word, I have never seen such an amazing pair of shoes... every inch of the shoe has been decorated. Were they bought that way or were they created especially for your friend. I do hope her wedding dress isn't too long as it would be such a shame to hide such fabulous shoes.
    I am the same as you, I love water, it can be so relaxing. I love the smell of the sea air and as a child when I visited my Nan Ivy and Gramps, I used to sleep like a log as they lived by the sea..... there is something about sea air.
    Those little cats are cute, I remember Natasha showing me a photo of her friend's cat, but for the life of me I cannot remember the name of the breed.
    I hope you are keeping well, as before I left for India you were quite poorly. I will catch up with you over the weekend.
    Best Wishes to you.

    1. Hi Daphne it's lovely to hear from you, I don't think she has bought the dress yet I think the shoes were more important to her haha, I'm fine now health wise thank you he operation has made a difference I'm pleased to say, just waiting for the biopsy results on the 5th August and then hopefully I can draw a line under the whole thing. :) xx

  2. Those wedding shoes are fabulous! I didn't think it would be possible to get themed shoes :-) Happy Friday. x

  3. Fabulous five this week. I'm the same as you about water, I'm a Pisces, and I can't imagine not living near water in some shape or form. Love the cats, and the dog picture is hilarious.

  4. I love opening the box to find a bag full of new wool, so exciting! Good luck with the Cardigan it certainly looks a nice colour. I think I prefer the show's soles to the top! Have a good week . Karen :-)

  5. Those shoes are amazing xxxxx I really like that shade of green you are using, hope it works up well for you. The cats are adorable lol great pic at the end, I am a cat person myself

  6. I have never seen cats like that either, they are just so cute!

  7. The wedding shoes are very unusual - I wonder if they will be on display or hidden under a full length dress? Hartlepool Marina looks wonderful and the cats are lovely but look quite grumpy:)

  8. Nice to read your post. To keep on trying new patterns is what keeps us motivated. No lessons. Seek only pleasures :)
    The cats are funny !

  9. Linda, I think you are on the right track with that sweater. It is looking like store bought already. Can't wait to see the finished product. Have a great weekend.

  10. You made me smile today Linda. Hugs to you, Meredith

  11. Your post made me smile....
    Have a fun weekend !

  12. Those shoes are too cute! Ooh, and such pretty yarn; I'd love to see you make a nice cardigan for yourself. LOL That would be my dog!

  13. Wonderful Five! Those shoes look like they may be "re-purposed" older shoes...a cute idea, but a little too blingy for me! :-) You sound like my hubby...loving the water. He's an Aquarius, and though I don't hold much stock in that sort of thing, I also know his family were all watermen in the past, and the love of being on the water has come down to him through his blood. I love rivers and streams, but he's an ocean, bay, as well as river person. Love your yarn color...I hope the project comes out well! I have the same problem with everything I make, nearly, finding a half a dozen mistakes and problems, and just being disgusted with myself! My grandmother was a very skillful seamstress (and tailor) and apparently I didn't get that in my blood! :-(

  14. Those cats really made me smile. I have never seen anything like those wedding shoes, they are a real show stopper.

  15. Yarn should always be part of Five on Friday :) I got some new yarn too. I've never seen shoes like those and wonder if the bride will be ever able to walk in them.

  16. Such good things, especially number five to make us all smile! Those shoes are quite something too aren't they! Thank you so much as always for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend! xx

  17. Hi Linda, I loved the cat pictures! How funny. Your new yarn looks beautiful. It's always fun to start on a new project. My best to you :)

  18. Hello Linda,came from Amy's Five on Friday and enjoyed reading and seeing your post! Thanks for the smiles!

  19. Ha! That is brilliant. I love those shoes, they are fabulous! Hartlepool looks lovely . Have a great weekend xx

  20. Lovely post linda. Love the cat and dog pics.


  21. I actually am reading your blog mam..

    1. Haha whoops hope you don't mind about that last picture Emily xxx

  22. great !
    Greetings from Poland :)

  23. Ha ha! You were caught on be Emily. Those wedding shoes are amazing. I'd want to know if they'll be comfortable all day! Your yarn for the new cardigan is lovely and I'm sure the cardigan will be lovely too when it's finished.


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