Tuesday 14 July 2015

A Second Pair

Following on from the  success of my first pair of wearable  knitted socks please let me introduce you to pair number two.....

It's thanks firstly to the sockalong that I was able to make these  and secondly to Linda from Chalky's World for gifting the yarn.

I wanted to try to make these using the magic loop method and in order to to that you need the right tools so I treat myself to another one of these this time a 4 mm...

It's a pleasure to use, the stitches just glide around the cord and I have to confess I am now a firm fan of the magic loop, I am so very slow when using this method compared to when using two needles but I still enjoy it and am now making a little hat I will show you my experiments as they emerge.

As you can see the pattern on the socks doesn't really match but I don't think it matters do you? these are made with Dk yarn and fit perfectly and feel cosy and warm.  The pattern can be found on Winwick Mums blog .

The sockalong is still very much on the go with new people joining everyday if you fancy trying to make socks it's a great way to start and Christine has just designed the cutest little sock brooch check it out here.

Just in case you missed my first pair they can be viewed here.

A third pair is on the needles as we speak I have a feeling there will always be a pair on the go from now on.

Even better when you can use stash yarn I have two cones of this so I can make quite a few pairs out of this that's for sure.

Hope you all have a great week.:)

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  1. You've made a great job of these, Linda. I am a fan of the Magic Loop too for socks. It's an invaluable tool!
    Jacqui xx

  2. I don't think it matters that these socks don't match. The colour is lovely. Who is going to check that the socks are identical? Maybe someone with OCD or nothing much to worry about!

  3. Your socks are just lovely, Linda, and thanks for the mention! I think it's brilliant that people who have never knitted socks before are now on their second or third pair and I suspect that now the sock bug has got you, you never will be without a pair on the needles! xx

  4. Beautiful socks linda.


  5. Really cute socks - you should be nice and cozy in those.

  6. Nice socks, Linda !! :) Even if you say it slowed down a bit with those needles, still you made two pairs quite fast.

  7. Well done Linda, the socks look really comfy and cosy. I have only ever knitted one sock (even though I have two feet). I made the foot too long, and so it has been banished to the bottom of my knitting bag. It will resurface at some point, but not for a while, I suspect!

  8. Socks are addictive. You think "I'll try making a pair" and before you know it you just can't stop! The purple socks are a lovely colour. I don't think it matters if the pattern doesn't quite match, I've tried and failed, they are unique to you. Socks are a super way to use up stash yarn and the colours in the blue cone look gorgeous.

  9. They are great !!! You can continue...and be prepared for winter ;)

  10. Lovely socks!
    Happy weekend.:*

  11. Fantastic Linda!! Happy sockingalonging!! xx

  12. Thank you for sharing at my link up last week.
    You are welcome to join in tomorrow


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