Sunday, 20 February 2011

All finished :)

Well the trebled square blanket is finished.  It took me four weeks to do which is pretty good going I think.  I set myself targets, so many squares a week and managed to get it done a week before I thought I would.  I enjoyed making it because of the lovely bright colours, I have to say I didn't enjoy stitching it up though and I don't think that I would attempt it again with such small squares.


  1. I´m from Mexico and I don´t speak very well english but I want to tell you your blankets are so beatifuls, so please, tell me how can I make one.Thank´s.

  2. Thank you Mecheoliva. Can you crochet? if so try my purple suns blanket I have a tutorial on here. :)

  3. hi linda! Thanks for linking up your blanket at my theme-party, it's lovely! Those precious things shouldn't get lost in the archives :)


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