Sunday, 13 February 2011

Lancashire, Bury Market and the Pendle witches

We went on a National Holiday trip, last weekend.  Saturday was an awful rainy day and we almost ran into the shopping centre.  One of the first shops I saw was a wool one and yes I did buy some wool and buttons, the best was yet to come in the form of Bury market however, what a great place! there was all sorts you could wander round for ages.  I found wool there too and bought yet even more at a great price, lucky people who live near having a great stock of cheap wool on their door step. We stopped at Botany Bay an old mill converted into a shopping centre, a paradise for shoppers I would think.
The hotel was situated in Bolton, Ramada a nice clean hotel with good food, usually the hotels for these trips serve awful food but no complaints here, the alcohol was expensive though.
Next day a guided tour through the Ribble valley over the Pendle hills and another shopping trip in Oswaldwistle Mills.  I could really have done without that but shoppers who love to shop would have loved it.
All in all I enjoyed the trip and the company and I would love to visit that market again.

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