Sunday, 28 August 2011

Sands Blanket.

My garden has been so pretty this year, I love cosmos.

Busy Bee working away on this beautiful dahlia.

I can't believe it's been two weeks since I blogged on here time just seems to fly.  It's bank holiday weekend and once again the weather has let us down, very windy here today and very rainy yesterday so I have used the time to finish off quite a few projects I had on the go.  I can never do just one thing that's too boring for me I must have a few different things going on so that I can hop from one thing to another.  I'm still in Teddy Bear mode at the moment so although I'm not doing any more angel bears, I am making Teeny bears for the shoe box appeal and some tiny one's for the angels.  I have a feeling this bear mode will last for a while because it's such a transportable kind of project and I can quickly crochet all the bits needed wherever I go.  So pictures to be posted when I'm done.  
One of the projects I have finished is a Sands Blanket.  These are given to bereaved parents who have just lost a newborn.  These blankets are lovely to make because it's just simple garter stitch knitted from corner to corner making a square, so you can watch TV and knit without even thinking about it.   Then a beautiful lacy border to finish it off.  I must admit doing the border is a bit monotonous, but it is worth it as it finishes the blanket off beautifully. 
More to come later :) xx


  1. HI...this is a lovely blanket... I love the border. Can you tell me more about why they given to bereaved parents? x

  2. Hi Jill here is the link for the sands charity, which will explain what it's all about.:)


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