Thursday, 13 October 2011


Inspired by some of the lovely posts in blogland I have been trying out scarves, it does make a change after all the preemie things I have been making just lately. the good thing about scarves is you can use your left over bits and pieces.

I found the link to these here. What could be more simple and as you can see there is a link to matching fingerless mitts too.  I used a bigger hook for mine and I have made different sizes by lengthening, chain size and number of rows.  I love to mix and match the colours, I am still making these can't seem to stop lol.

link to pattern
 This was another scarf which is good for using up scraps of yarn.  I made mine in one colour because I liked the lacy pattern and felt it didn't show up so well when using lots of colours.

I was going to call this a bubbles stitch scarf because I used the same stitch as this blanket but after I had finished it I found this one which is made with the same stitch.
Pattern link
This was so much fun to make and this stitch is so easy to do.  The scarf is soft and snugly just like the blanket. 
I am going to finish here for now but the scarf making madness continues so more to come later :)


  1. They all look very nice - good work. :)

  2. OOOOH! I like! I love the cupcakes. I dont know what it is about sweets on accessories that always makes me smile, but they definitely do :)

  3. Hi Linda, thanks for your comments on my cowl! It is made up of 14 squares, but I suppose it depends what type of yarn you're using, and which pattern.
    Love the pink lacey scarf - and of course the cup cakes!


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