Saturday, 16 June 2012

Box of Squares

Well it's been quite a week first being nominated for the sunshine award and now I have just discovered that I have had my Purple Suns Blanket featured over on lifemultithreaded. It's always nice to know that the things you make are admired and give inspiration to others. 
As for this week I have been trying to make that little crochet dungaree pattern I mentioned in my Cute Dungarees post and I am pleased to announce that I have actually managed to make the dungarees and I am pleased with the result.  I have written down exacly what iv'e done but... actually writing it all out in legible pattern format will be a challenge but one I will try to complete for next week. 
I have been meaning to post about that huge box of squares I received way back in March, just in case you were wondering about what I  managed to make with all those squares all is now finally revealed.
One baby blanket 
made with six inch squares joined with sc and
finished with a pretty border.
36 squares

Three poncho's
find out about it here

find out about it here

find out about it here
16 squares each = 48 squares

Blanket made up of twelve inch squares, joined and edged with sc
  12 squares

Blanket made with mixed twelve inch squares

12 squares

Blanket made with  mixture of crochet and knitted six inch squares

30 Squares

Small blanket made of mixed sized squares in crochet

15 Squares

Huge blanket made out of six inch knitted squares

81 Squares

I also made two pet blankets with odd squares but for some reason I can't get the pictures from flickr onto this blog so here are the links
Pet blanket one made with six inch knitted squares  here
36 squares
Pet blanket two made with odd six inch knitted squares here
25 squares
So thats a total of 295 squares.  
I did enjoy sewing them up but I just did it slowly between other projects.  These blankets have now been sent off to Lou at Loving Hands where she can send them on to worthy causes. Here they are all ready to be sent off.

  I know what you are thinking ......I bet she is glad they are all sewn up ha ha well would you like a peep into the box

I can actually see the bottom of the box wahey!! but as you can see there is still a good blanket or two's worth in there.  These are the very challenging one's that are left, all different sizes and textures and I'm going to have to have a lot of time and patience to put them together, if and when that happens I will show you the finished result and the empty box.  :)
Now I'm off to invite the ladies of Loving Hands to take a peek and see if any of them can recognise their squares.  
Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  1. So many beautiful loving acts in this post! That's A LOT of squares you've brought together! Woman, thy name is "patience"! Bless you! Annette

  2. P.S. LOVVVVE the colors in that baby blanket!

  3. Oh wow Linda, you've been really busy! It's hard to pick a favorite, but I especially love the cute ponchos. You've done a great and generous job here, I admire you for this!

    Have a sunny week-end!

  4. Goodness - you have been busy! All of the projects look very nice - great work. :)

  5. Holy Cow Linda! These are incredible. You are so kind and giving with your time. The 81 squares blanket it stunning. You really have a way of putting colors together!

    1. Thanks Astri, I do enjoy mixing and matching colours :)

  6. Beautiful blankets and ponchos! And you're so sweet to work so hard for a noble cause. God bless you :-)

  7. Congrats to you! Wow! That's a lot of squares to work with. You've done a great job! Incredible work. Blessings, Tammy

  8. Hi Linda, thanks so much for visiting my blog and for your lovely comment on my squircle cushion. It is a great pattern and I'm sure your afghan will be lovely when it's finished :)
    Just had a browse through your blog- your crochet is fantastic!
    Donna x

  9. I have always LOVED to combine knitting and crochet. Your blanket is so lovely, uSing both. Sweet colors too.
    Ana BC

  10. You sure have been busy Linda, and what a lovely job you have made of them all Anne x


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