Friday 29 June 2012

Crib Cover

This has been a bit of a mixed week, I have spent it finishing off and revisiting. I started this little crib blanket at the beginning of June.  I wanted a portable project and this really fit the bill as it has been all over with me.  I was in no hurry to finish it because it was lovely to make and quite interesting because it gave me the opportunity to use one of the techniques used in the Beyond the square motifs #60 and #121. Making this little cover meant that I could either, crochet, pull up the loops or weave in the ends or a bit of each depending how the mood took me.  Speaking of ends there were lots of them but I try to weave as I go, I do hate having them all to do at the end.  So here it is a pretty little crib blanket which could be used for a boy or a girl and best of all it’s a free pattern which can be found here

Now for the revisiting bit, I started making a blanket back in February and naughty thing that I am put it to one side in favor of other things that took my fancy, I'm terrible like that.  I should have kept on with it even if it was just one square a day but no the poor thing was shoved into a bag and stuffed under the bed well I have resurrected it and am now wondering why I pushed it out of sight because it’s lovely to make.  I think the problem is it has lots of colours in it so it’s not very portable, you can hardly carry 16 balls of wool around with you can you, so even though this time I will keep on with it till it’s finished, I am on the lookout for another portable project something with maybe just one or two colours now let me see.........


  1. Your crochet blanket seems so cute.. I like soft colors so much.. I am curiously waiting your new project..:))
    Best wishes..

    1. Thank you, I have started it already and I think I have got the hang of the pattern. :)

  2. PS Finally doing the sunshine award blog - so thank you again xx

  3. Linda, it is very pretty! I tend to put things away all the time unfinished.. I really have to get out of that habit!

  4. Love the pattern with the stripes and the ridges in the crochet. Adorable! I'm like you with the it as you go...can't imagine waiting until the end! Yikes!

  5. That is an interesting stitch, for sure. It gives the blanket such texture. Beautiul!

  6. Hi Linda, your baby blanket looks beautiful. It looks really soft and cozy.


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