Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Flower Motif Collection 3

These flower Motifs just keep coming which is good news I think, we all love flower motifs they can be used for all kinds of things and they look just as pretty all on their own.

Motif #26
Motif #47
Motif #55
Progress 70 out of 100

My favourite out of this group is number 47. 
Final flower collection coming in a couple of days, I hope everyone is having a great week :)


  1. Hi Linda, they are all so lovely but my favorite is number 47....it's beautiful and looks so elegant...it will make a gorgeous blanket! Shari

  2. My favorite it number 47, too! It's kind of unusual, and you've picked lovely colors for it!

  3. Another vote for #47! Those picots are so lavish and feminine-looking. :)


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