Thursday 15 November 2012

Something Different

It makes a change making something other than motifs, actually I made this at the same I was making the motifs, you know me I can never do one thing at a time. 
Please excuse the  photo's the lighting is so bad at this time of year.

what do you think this is then?

slowly unfurling

halfway there

haha bet you guessed right away

A lovely baby blanket made with Aldi magic yarn it took about 300 grams of yarn and you can find the pattern for this blanket is no longer available but you can find a similar one here
Lovely and easy to make and it turned out flat without any pinning, I will be making more of these lovely ripply blankets, there's something hypnotic about rippling don't you think? and I found rippling in a circle so much fun :)


  1. Really lovely Linda and I like the colours too....bit of a change from the usual rectangle blanket....looks nice and soft too
    Never heard of Aldi Magic Yarn ...have to look and see if I can get any here.

    When are you going on your holiday to Spain?

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Thank you Amanda, it's going to be next Spring before I get there now,as friend I am travelling with is not very well. So I'm going to Wales tomorrow instead :)

  2. Hi's really the color and like how this one is in a sort of looks like a big snowflake...I bet it would be beautiful in all white!!!!! Have a great weekend, Shari

  3. Yes it would look beautiful in white Shari, have a lovely weekend yourself :)

  4. so beautiful! love the soft colorway and unique shape~

  5. It's very beautiful! I love the shape of this baby blanket.

  6. What a lovely blanket Linda - wonderful shape and colours - it looks a therapuetic desighn.
    Ali x

  7. What a pretty blankie that is - how fun to wrap up one's baby in a star! :)

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