Saturday, 10 November 2012

Flower Motif Collection Complete

As promised but a little late, here are the last 3 flower motifs in my Flower Motif Collection.

Motif #9
Motif #41
Motif #89

My favourite out of this group is motif #89, I can imagine you could make all sorts of beautiful projects using this motif it's so pretty.

So that concludes my flower motif collection, there are lots more flower motifs in the Beyond The square motifs book and I think I have just about covered them all, and so for the grand finale.....

Or if you prefer a more random approach

Progress 73 out of 100.... just 27 more to go! can I do it??

Have a lovely weekend everyone :)


  1. Very nice!
    Happy weekend

  2. Ohh your motifs are look like candies.. I like all of them with all colors.. I want to try motif 41. All of them are so cute..:))
    Happy happy weekends...

  3. Lovely collection! All the flowers motifs look lovely together. I hope your hands are feeling better!

  4. Blooming marvellous Linda!
    They are so pretty.
    Ali x


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