Monday 8 July 2013

A Collection of flowers 1

Remember what I said about small projects well you can't get much smaller than flowers and lets face it we all love them, they are great for using up your tiny scraps of yarn and you can never have enough! it's always good to have lots ready just in case you need them for embellishing or for some beautiful flowery project.  

There are hundreds of beautiful free flower patterns out there so I'm going to pick some and place them right here with their pattern links in my flower collection so that they are nice and handy for us all to use.

The first ones I've been making are these

6 Petal Puff Stitch Flower

I always had a bit of an aversion to puff stitch until I started making these, they are such fun to do and addictive, once you get going you will want to try them in all sorts of colour combinations.
Thank you Tara for the pattern and tutorial.

I do have a couple of projects in mind for my flowers and one involves my scraps of yarn.  Yes the collecting of scraps continues and I'm pleased to say that the jar is as full as it's going to get and I have started filling another. For those who are new to my blog and may be feeling a little confused right now you may want to read the TUSAL posts which you can find in my Labels on the left side bar.

I feel slightly ashamed about this next bit, I am very late in thanking Helen for sending me these lovely flowers last year. I was going to thank her once the project I wanted them for was finished and she could see them in action as it were, truth is that project had to be scrapped due to persistent bad weather. ( I was going to fill a trellis with flowers in my garden) So a very belated thank you Helen, your beautiful flowers were well and truly appreciated and I will use them very soon I promise.

I am following Ana's Fantasy Blanket CAL, do take a peek if you haven't already.  I am a bit behind but once I have caught up I will be showing my progress, those who are following don't forget to link your progress in the summer link party so we can see all the different lovely colour combinations.


  1. Love the flowers Linda, and your little scraps of yarn are looking so pretty in the jar.

  2. Super cute! :)

  3. lovely flowers Linda ..... must be summer :)

  4. Beautiful flowers, Linda :) I still can't crochet puff stitches, seem to have been avoiding them... Maybe I should give it a try soon.

  5. Hello Linda, Your 6 petal puff flowers are very very pretty. Love them. I always wonder how to make them... Thanks for sharing the tutorial site.. Much appreciated.. I look forward to seeing your Fantasy Blanket. Hugs Judy

  6. Thanks for mentioning the blanket. CI am looking forward to see your version. And I love your flowers. I need to try the puff ones; they look adorable :-)

  7. I love Tara's flowers and that blanket of Ana's is divine!

  8. Those puff flowers look so fun! I know that Rajeshwari made the whole purse out of them - looks fabulous!
    I wish I could participate in a fantasy blanket.. but I have my own to be finished :)so next time!

  9. Great flowers, and that blanket is simply stunning!

    It's amazing how quickly the yarn scrap jar fills up.... :)

  10. I recently purchased a book with both knitted and crocheted flowers. They all looked so realistic I couldn't resist! Your flowers are adorable and I'm sure you'll find the perfect project to showcase your gifted flowers ;) Wendy x

  11. Hola y gracias por tu comentario. Que flores tan bonitas¡¡¡¡¡


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