Saturday 27 July 2013

A Collection of Flowers 3

I really can't be bothered with big projects right now, don't you find it hard to knit or crochet when it's so warm?  I'm not complaining about the lovely weather long may it last! it's just that I need to crochet or I will get withdrawal symptoms and so, small is the way to go. 
I have been making lots of cute little projects with 4 ply cotton, they turn out so sweet but I have found the smaller the project the more wear and tear on my thumbs so I'm having to be careful because they are aching quite a bit just now.  While I am on the subject I found this blog post today which I found really interesting, it's a pity it wasn't available last year when my problems first started.  There is lots of good advice on there for any of you who have problems with your hands.

This is what I have been up to today.

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I made these with Patons DK cotton and a 3.5mm hook

These are made with Patons 4ply and a 2.5mm hook

I thought they would be good for bag charms or hanging on a key ring.  I always think it's nice to have a few little things like this just to give away as gifts.

Then I had to put the cotton away but my crochet cravings weren't satisfied so I made these with DK wool.  
You can find the free pattern for these cute flowers here 

I have a plan for these they are going to sit with the granny roses and puff flowers that I made before, I need just a few more flowers before I put this plan into action, all will be revealed once it's done, I only hope that this idea of mine works or I'm gonna look a bit silly....haha but then I'm used to that. :)

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


  1. They are so pretty! Great color combinations too :)

  2. What a happy collection of summer flowers, Linda. :-)

  3. Cute little flowers - very interested to see what your project will be. :)

  4. Love the flowers, so pretty. I am a knitter/crocheter year round. I would go crazy without it no matter how hot it is out.
    Hugs to you Linda,

  5. I love your little flowers. So cute

  6. I really like those... So pretty . Wouldn't they look pretty on the corner of a lap blanket.... Note to self. Thank you

  7. The charms are quite charming! I also clicked on your string tote and would love to try it. I am a knitter who is trying to crochet and I enjoy practical projects like the bag. I don't like to make big projects when it is hot and haven't completed any knit or crochet projects since May.

  8. Hi Mrs Linda....beautiful flowers...I guess I will use one of these flowers for one of the beanie hats I'm making...I like all 3.Cute flowers.Happy week.

  9. Thank you for your lovely comments ladies. :)

  10. These flowers are just the "bees knees"! Too darned cute! Isn't it amazing how, despite our hands hurting (and I find mine do too!), we still have this crazy addiction that drives us to grab that hook, despite the pain we know we're causing! I can't help myself either...must, must crochet! I find that granny squares REALLY tweak me! It must be the angle I hold the square and contort my wrist to make the stitches. Other stitches get my thumb. I've actually been trying to adjust my grip from what I'm doing (like holding a mixing spoon) over to the "pencil" grip. The other grip feels so foreign, but I do try to do it every now and again in order to change it up a bit, give certain muscles a rest - and hopefully, someday, I'll be comfortable enough to switch up without a thought! Have a good day!


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