Monday 15 September 2014

So What did I do with all those Flowers? Part One.

Those of you who have been following me in the crafty corner for a while may remember last year I went through a crocheting of flowers craze, I really couldn't stop for a long time, firstly I was making them because I enjoyed the process and I loved how you could make up a little pile of flowers in no time....

Puff Flowers
It was also a great way to use up all those little scraps of yarn. There is so much flower inspiration out there you really are spoilt for choice, you can click on the captions to see the post about the flowers and find the patterns too.

Granny Rose

Flower with no name
lil cute crochet flower
As well as the flowers above I did make these whilst I was just playing around with my hook.

I have used my flowers for all sorts of projects but I have had a special project in mind for such a long time, it involved the flowers and.....

my scrap jar of little bits....

now to avoid confusion for those of you who are new to my blog you may want to read this TUSAL post which explains how it all started and then if you are intrigued and would perhaps like to join in just follow the link below.

I am going to leave it there for now but I will reveal what I did with my flowers and my lovely brimming to the top with scraps scrap jar very soon, maybe tomorrow or maybe the day after or mayb......

Hope you're having a happy Monday if not then......

perhaps this will make you smile :)


  1. Hi Linda - love the flowers. Looking forward to seeing them in action. Your cat must be related to our Rosie!!

  2. Ooooh...... I love little flowers . Can't wait to see what you have planned...... :)

  3. I think I might have an idea what you plan to do with the flowers. I'll wait patiently for you to show us. :)

  4. Lovely flowers, and the cat looks beyond relaxed - certainly made me smile!


  5. Cant wait t find out what you will do with your woolly bouquet, and that cat is just plain scary! I gave up fathoming cats years ago and just try not to let my two cause me a heart attack!

  6. OOOh I'm intrigued exciting!
    Looking forward to reading all about it!
    Ali x

  7. That cat photo is priceless!!

  8. Don´t leave us hanging for long, Linda...we are all very curious! all the flowers are so lovely

  9. So beautiful little flowers!!!
    Cat is a real acrobat.:)
    Happy week.:*

  10. For sure you might have made a pretty thing with the flowers. Can't wait to see it.
    I am aware of TUSAL. Knitters and crocheters can fill the jar fast with yarn but for embroiderers it takes time:)

  11. Your pussy cat certainly did bring a smile to my dial. How relaxed is he/she! Your flowers are amazing. You have certainly piqued my interest in seeing what beautiful creation is in the pipeline.

  12. Look forward to seeing your special project!
    Jacqui xx

  13. Lovely flowers but amazing cat !!!!

  14. Yep...the flowers AND the cat made me smile!


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